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can a parrot eat a marijuana seed

Birds process chemicals differently, and the amount they have ingested according to their body weight will matter as well. Additionally, the effects of marijuana smoke can be favorable for humans despite the psychoactive impressions it leaves, for birds, it can be extremely uncomfortable and frightening. Although it cannot be fatal, it still provides unfavorable effects more than being disorientated.

According to researches, marijuana seeds are rich in Omega Fatty Acid that is not usually produced by human and animal bodies. Hence, to acquire such nutrients, humans and animals will seek for the outside source for any available Omega Fatty Acid.

It was discovered that marijuana seeds, compared to the whole kingdom of plants, they are the richest in Omega Fatty Acid. It simple matter, as compared to Chia and walnuts, marijuana seeds exceed its capacity to produce Omega Fatty Acid.

What is Harmful to Birds?

It can cause health problems, among birds when they inhaled the toxins from marijuana smoke combusted by their owners, targeting their lungs more. This is possible since birds’ respiratory systems are efficient enough to accumulate particles of the air compared to humans’ respiratory systems. Hence, toxins in the air and other pollutants can affect the birds negatively than humans.

Being small in size, marijuana seeds can be eaten easily by your friend birds, and it can cause no harm but rather satisfies their stomach fully. In this article, we will discuss the characteristics of marijuana seeds that can be good for your feathered pets. We will also investigate the pioneering person initiated feeding of marijuana seeds to birds and the purpose of such actions. We will also identify what harmful things that should be avoided by your pet bird to devour related to marijuana are.

With the aim to legalize marijuana usage and cultivation in Great Britain, people wanted to impose their purpose by not initiating violent actions and activities. These people wanted to promote the free usage of marijuana and make it available any time, regardless if used for medicinal or recreational activities. Instead, to showcase their revolution, they feed birds with marijuana seeds. This is their non-violent way to convince to say yes to marijuana legalization in their country.

For birds, when they eat marijuana seeds on a regular basis, they allow their systems and bodies to be healthy and away from illnesses. It is important to note as well that marijuana seeds are the only plant in the world composed of amino acids that are essential for survival. Significantly, the marijuana seeds have all the essential nutrients and sources required by any animals and even humans.

Plus, it’s nice to have all your plants with similar care needs in a compact place where you can gather the food without much effort. We’d all starve to death if we had to forage around trying to figure out where the birds pooped.

Seeds in bird’s poop is probably one of the number one ways plants migrate around. For basically what we cultivate as food, it’s not so much the getting the plants to sprout, it’s getting them to grow to the point where they produce food.
Consider the tomato plants in your garden. If they’re not watered daily they’re going to dry up and die.

I have been thinking this might be a good way to spread cannabis all around the world.. make bird feed composed of viable seeds and say peanut butter.. the birds would eat the seeds and fly around and poop out the seeds which a decent percentage would then germinate and sprout.. crack pot idea or possible ?