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buying marijuana seeds where it is not legal reddit

Just don't grow them! I buy all my seeds PURELY as souvenirs or fish bait.

Anyone have any insight into if it's too risky. looking to get a strain more tailored to my needs than what my dealer has. Any seed sites you all recommend? Kinda new to growing but have been lurking for a little bit

If you know how to work Attitude they have crazy good deals

To save you time : I usually choose between herbies seeds and attitude seed bank. There’s a risk of course but usually low. Look for the “super discrete” shipping. It’s worth the money. I had my package searched when it entreated the country. Customs still didn’t find the seeds! It’s worth the extra money trust me.

I've ordered from nirvanashop several times and haven't been disappointed

I'm looking into purchasing some seeds off of good idea? Bad idea?

Did a ton of research on this a few years ago. I'd check out attitude seed bank and look at CBD Crews lineup. Have made like 6 orders and they have come every time. IMO if you go with attitude you will have nothing to worry about.

How much are the bitcoin fees? Which bitcoin wallet would you recommend?

If you can take advantage of their bitcoin specials!! Just get more bang for your buck.

Many of the places I've gone to online will resend your seeds if they get found. It's basically just trial and error to try and get them through customs, and I've never personally heard of anyone being arrested for it.

That’s shitty. I wouldn’t grow from seed anyway. Find clones.

Disclaimer* I've only bought seeds online a few times, so I don't have tons of experience with it.

Seeds are what you get mother plants from are you crazy! Plus seeds have a big advantage clones never will. A genuine strong tap root

Seeds aren’t illegal to own. Try again dude. LEOs don’t have the right to decide if you are using those seeds to grow or not just because they found cannabis seeds. In the United States you can legally buy seeds for souvenirs. Doesn’t matter if they can be grown or not.

That or order from an in country source so it doesnt pass through customs

No shit dude, It’s still illegal federally. You’re lucky they don’t prosecute. They used to put people away for years for this stuff. If the port of entry was NY Im guessing you ordered from Amsterdam, which has also tightened their export laws.