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buying marijuana seeds online reddit

I've ordered from nirvanashop several times and haven't been disappointed

What payment method do you use? Do you have then shipped straight to your spot?

Did a ton of research on this a few years ago. I'd check out attitude seed bank and look at CBD Crews lineup. Have made like 6 orders and they have come every time. IMO if you go with attitude you will have nothing to worry about.

I'm looking into purchasing some seeds off of good idea? Bad idea?

I've ordered seeds 2 times now. Not from that website, but the packages came once to my house and once it had to be picked up from the post office. Both times no problems. 🙂

Obviously I don't want to be giving out my credit card information and address to get in trouble but I have never done this before, any tips?

I just took the plunge and assumed it was safe if everyone else is doing it. It worked out well so I guess my advice is don't worry? Probably bad advice.

prepaid gift cards at walmart, there is like a 5 dollar charge for it. They only have like 25/50/100 cards, none of the set your amount type, at least not at my walmart. i'd use attitude seedbank if i were you, they have guaranteed shipping options.

I disagree mate – in my mind there is no point spending the time and money growing weed and cheaping out on the genetics. Bagseeds are often (certainly not always but often enough) the result of a plant turning hermaphrodite and as such any seeds that are produced are gonna be much more likely to turn hermie too.

I legit never had bagseeds in my baggys am i unlucky?

Germany. Do you know the laws over here? Gruetzi

If this is your first grow.. there will be lots of learning/growing pains. Go ahead an use any seeds you got. find a few females and start cloning them. After you have a clean strain (after a few cycles), and the hermaphrodites slowly turn feminized you will be confident with other types of seeds/strains. This does not happen overnight. only hard work and a bunch of reading will get you to the place you've always dreamed of 🙂

Its very safe – they have stealth shipping options and even if the seeds get intercepted they will just get confiscated, you won´t have cops banging your door down!

I second what others have said: try bag seeds first. Ask any ent buddies that you may have to save theirs up. (I got some from a friend, and just shared a bit of the finished product with him.)

Hi mate – I highly recommend Alibongo for seeds – used them many times and they also have free worldwide shipping. Others I have used successfully are attitude (use discount code 420 for 10% off) and herbies.