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buying marijuana seeds in madrid

When deciding which seeds are suitable for the area we are in, we must take into account the climate of the area in order to make it easy for the plant.

Madrid has a high annual thermal amplitude of between 19 and 20 degrees, with variations to be taken into account when we speak of daily thermal amplitude, since in the outskirts it is higher than in the centre. The mid winter temperature in Madrid is approximately 10 °C, with moderately cold winters, frequent frosts and occasional snowfalls; by contrast, summers are hot and fairly dry, with mid temperatures exceeding 25 °C. In conclusion, we will face a climate of transition between cold semi-arid and Mediterranean climates.

It also has paraphernalia where you can buy anything from cigarette paper and a grinder to ready-to-eat cdb products. The shipments are discreet and urgent, in 24 hours at your home for free if the cart amounts to 30 euros and also give you a seed, which will be two if there are 60, so on.

In the online shop you have in addition to seeds, all the cultivation products you may need with sales for all budgets and packs, as well as cultivation kits.

For everything you need in this aspect, there is Natural Experience, your reliable, cheap and very reliable growshop, because it works with the best seed banks to offer you the best genetics, Indica-dominant to relax and Sativa for a very active high, or high CBD if you are looking for the most medicinal properties of the plant.

Ministry of Cannabis are major breeders in Spain and Europe, they are the source of premium quality cannabis seeds for the world cannabis market. Ministry of Cannabis has over 15 years of experience working with clients and they are considered a reputable seed source on many cannabis forums.

Here’s their website

City Seeds Bank places great emphasis on genetics and quality of its cannabis seeds. They research very carefully and make sure to only deliver the seeds with the highest quality genetics to customers.

#12 Sensi Seeds – The oldest and safest cannabis seed bank in the whole world

They also offer seed strains from the world’s leading seed banks such as Sensi Seeds, Genehtik, Dutch Passion, Dinafem and more. They also have CBD seeds for growers who want a bit of medical value in their crops.

Their seed stockpile is filled with the most sought after and the most popular of all. They select very carefully so that even beginners will have no trouble sowing seeds.

If you need a large amount of cannabis seeds, then Sensi Seeds are also ideal. They offer the most common strains of cannabis to unique, rarer strains. They generally have whatever you need for your crop.

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