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buy marijuana seeds online reddit

I've ordered from nirvanashop several times and haven't been disappointed

Ordered from them 3x now. You will not be disappointed.

Stealth shipping, got it. And that's still safe to send to my own place or should I have it shipped somewhere I wont be growing?

All i use is seedsman, go with it!

I second this. I’ve been purchasing from them for ten years now

True north is 50% off right now

Side question. Who the hell has zkittlez

any help is appreciated. apologies if this topic has been posed numerous times.

The real fire is on instagram. Try @tonygreenhand or @masonic_smoker. I’m running Green hands peanut butter breath right now and it’s starting out purdy and thiccccc

Zkittlez is a clone, not a seed line.

Hi all, i hope this question isnt against the rules to ask but my ma recently got diagnosed with glaucoma and she is in her first stages. we don't believe in smoking but for her treatment im thinking of using leaves and such as tea or other ways of medicating her illness

anyway my question is, is it legal to buy cannabis seeds from these seed banks? it just seems to inconspicuous to me and i dont know if ill be doing the right thing if i do order some. some websites claim its legal to order because some states allow the production of oils and such but you can never be too careful