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buy marijuana seeds from colorado

Rather than wading through countless marijuana seed banks online, buy marijuana seeds from Colorado for a successful grow at an affordable price.

Best Marijuana Seeds in Colorado – Whether you are growing indoors or out, Greenpoint can provide you with the best cannabis seeds from Colorado. Given proper nutrition and climate, your seeds will grow into healthy, vigorous marijuana plants.

Why You Should Purchase Marijuana Seeds from Colorado Breeders

Here are some of our favorite reasons to choose Colorado marijuana seeds:

When it comes to buying cannabis seeds, Colorado breeders know how to do it right. With years of growing experience from some of the area’s top breeders, Greenpoint Seeds has what you need to cultivate the best marijuana.

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Dear Stoner: What are the laws regarding buying marijuana seeds in Colorado? Are they any different if I’m not a resident?

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Dear Mike: There are no longer any special possession and purchasing restrictions for out-of-staters, outside of having to ditch your stash at the border. Like Colorado residents, visitors who are at least 21 are able to purchase and possess up to 1 ounce of cannabis flower per day in the state. Although you’re allowed to possess an ounce of concentrates or THC inside of infused products, dispensaries can only sell 8 grams of concentrates to you per day, or edibles containing no more than 800 milligrams of THC.

We couldn’t find any restrictions on seeds, however.

Dispensaries that sell them have told us that they can sell no more than a pack of six seeds or clones per day to a customer, and that they count toward your 1-ounce limit. That is, if you can find a store that still sells seeds at all. They’re not extinct, but they are dwindling.

The state of Colorado has a wide diversity of geography including high deserts and plateaus, forests, high plains, mesas, canyons, rivers, and alpine mountains. In fact, the Colorado Rockies have 58 peaks over 14,000 feet, known to global alpine mountaineers as the fourteeners. The 30 highest peaks in the entire Rocky Mountain Range lie within her boundaries. It borders a number of other states, the most famous meeting being the Four Corners Monument where Colorado meets Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona. This is the only place in the U.S. where four states come together. Members of the animal kingdom representing Colorado are the Western Tiger Salamander, the Western Painted Turtle, and, of course, Bighorn Sheep. And don’t forget the humble Stegosaurus, Colorado’s Jurassic representative.

Just under half of Colorado is made up of flat plains, with approximately 15-25 inches of rainfall per annum, and are home to a number of scattered farming and ranching communities and towns. The semi-arid conditions of these landscapes are perfect for growing weed and you can bet there are some gardeners who are very serious about growing the State’s number one taxable product. Winters are typically freezing and volatile throughout much of Colorado but not all regions feel the freeze. The Front Range of Colorado, nestled nicely in the Lee Foothills of the Rockies, sits in a bit of a weather bubble and, because of its protected position, is a bit warmer and balmier than much of the state. Temperatures can reach 69.8 degrees Fahrenheit in these protected areas, making them a real score for horticulturalists who need some consistency of weather!

Buy Colorado Marijuana Seeds Online

Colorado takes in nearly half a billion dollars per year in taxes directly related to the cultivation, sale, and distribution of marijuana and marijuana-related products. Much of this revenue is put back into marijuana research, with a vast majority going to the improvement of generic medical and education systems and providing funds for numerous scholarship programs for kids throughout Colorado. The marijuana culture in Colorado provides a massive positive impact on healthcare, social welfare, and education systems within the State which far outweighs the theories of degeneration, held by those in opposition to legal marijuana. When you want to check out some serious strains for the highlands of America, the Ganja Seeds Store of will get you there!

Some tips to enjoying a more fruitful harvest include starting marijuana seedlings early indoors so as to give your plants the strongest start you can. Grow your plants in pots so they can be easily moved if a snap cold front or thunderstorm rolls in. Because bringing them inside is only a very last resort, it helps to have an insulation plan such as a hoop-tunnel, or other measures of protection. Also, it is wise to consider cultivating your crop in a greenhouse for added warmth, consistency, and protection and for an easier time managing nutrients, pests, and diseases.

Marijuana seeds are certainly legal throughout all of Colorado, so no worries! Furthermore, any person over the age of 21 is permitted to carry up to 1 ounce of flowers or up to 800 mg of extract or edibles, whether a state resident or not (these amounts are doubled for registered medical marijuana patients and caregivers). Anyone over the age of 21 is allowed to cultivate up to 6 plants for personal or private use (maximum 12 per household if more than one adult is present), in a locked and secure structure, inaccessible to minors, out of public view, and not within 100 feet of a school. No more than half of such plants can be in a mature or flowering phase (not including seedlings) and, whatever the weight of the harvest, the grower is allowed to keep it all. When you are looking for 420 Seeds For Sale, you can rest assured that they are allowed throughout the entirety of colorful Colorado! To maximize your yield and potency, always buy your seeds from a well-respected seed bank such as Weed Seeds USA.