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You know that feeling of taking a rich, thick puff of the good stuff? The kind that coats your mouth and throat. That’s Wedding Cake to a T. Wedding Cake is a bit of a time delay high. It releases slowly in your head at first, before traveling to your body giving you a floating sensation.

There’s a new trend in marijuana growing that you may want to consider when buying marijuana seeds. Autoflowering plants go from seed to harvest in 6-8 weeks and are considered a fairly hands-off experience.

Personally speaking, I enjoy both high THC and high CBD strains alike. They both have their merits. When I want a more mellow, less intense experience, I’ll often go for a strain with a higher CBD content. If I want to go for a wild ride on the midnight express and rock out to Pink Floyd all night, I’ll opt for the higher THC experience.


Another one of our fave seed banks that ship to the United States. Marijuana Seeds NL are true O.G.’s of the game. They’ve been a dedicated and discreet marijuana seed bank for OVER 20 YEARS. Since ‘99, they’ve provided a safe and reliable avenue for buying marijuana seeds online.

When you buy marijuana seeds online, you should factor in whether you’ll be growing your bud indoor or outdoor. This matters because certain plants like certain climates, and other plants like the coziness of an indoor growing setup.

The good ol’ standby. Regular marijuana seeds are often less expensive than autoflowering and feminized, but come with a mix of both male and female seeds.

3.) AK 47

I’ve never been ripped off by Seedsman and I’ve grown some of Barneys Farm stuff and all the seeds popped. Potency was fine. Who’s telling you this stuff? In the cutthroat world of selling seeds much of what you hear is from competitors trying to discredit their competition. I’ve noticed several accounts on this forum that were obviously created just for that purpose.

Sensible Seeds is a very reliable seed bank. I’ve never had any issues with them. From the UK to my door in Portland in under a week. Very fast shipping with a tracking number. Huge selection as well. They might have the largest selection out of all the seed banks. Lots of freebies and promotions.


Thanks. So I did go with Attitude.Did bank transfer went smooth. bought 4- 5 packs and they three in a bunch of freebies. here is the list if you care to see

Best bang for buck is def @Useful Seeds right now tho. Packs of 10 fems for $60 and you get a free 7 pack of regs with every purchase

FEMINIZED UFO #4 G13 Labs Seeds AUTO Berry