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Sour Diesel is an evenly-mixed hybrid, with 40% indica and 60% sativa . The autoflowering version has an end result that produces a strong, psychedelic high, but one that nevertheless allows you to function relatively normally.

This particular strain has won multiple awards, including the High Times Jamaican World Cup. That’s because, in addition to having quite the kick, autoflower cannabis seeds growers can grow this indoors or outdoors easily. It’s resistant to mold and mildew, and doesn’t require light manipulation in order to bud.

Here are the 10 best autoflowering strains you’ll find online!

10. Sour Diesel – Best for Focus

Their compact size can work against you as well. While they require less space to grow, you’ll get less of a yield than you would from a regular strain. You may be able to make up for it by harvesting more often, though.

However, that doesn’t mean they’re just for rookies – experienced growers often love the convenience of auto seeds too.

This strain grows well in low-humidity situations, so you don’t have to turn your apartment into a greenhouse. You will need plenty of ventilation, though, as it can be prone to mold.

Auto White Widow is a great all-rounder strain.

What advantages do autoflowering seeds have?

Autoflowering seeds, also known as Automatic, autofem�or auto-flowering seeds, are seeds which makes harvesting of cannabis without light cycles possible.� Perfect for grower who are in colder areas at home, since the growth and bloom phase is very short. The yield of autoflowering seeds in a pot on the windowsill is, of course not as high as under an Indoor lamp, since the normal sunlight does not have this intensity. However, the returns are respectable for the short growth and flowering period. At Seeds66 you can buy 200 different varieties of autoflowering seeds.

How can these hemp plants automatically flourish?

The secret is located in their ruderalis genes. As in many eastern countries, summer is very short, therefore it was very important for the hashplant to grow and flourish rapidly. The plant can not wait for the shorter light cycle and therefore developed the property after a certain time to bloom automatically.

Of course, since autoflowering seeds aren’t reliant on light, that also means you could plant these seeds any time within the standard growing season and get a good result. So, if you want to make a quick batch of cannabis late in the season, consider going with an autoflowering strain.

To squeeze the most yield out of their autoflowering seeds, many home growers give their cannabis plant the maximum amount of light possible every day. Obviously, this strategy will add a not-so-pleasant increase in your energy costs.

Critical Autoflowering

Thanks to the ruderalis genes, autoflowering-derived cannabis only grows to a height of between 1 – 2 feet on average. This is a far cry from Sativa plants that can reach as high as 20 feet once they’re ready to harvest. Yeah, just try hiding those bad boys in your outdoor garden!

All our Autoflowering seeds are feminized.

Got pesky neighbors? Need a way to keep your weed growing on the down low? If so, then autoflowering seeds are exactly what you need.