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Are you looking for the best darn seed bank in town? You’re in luck! At Pacific Seed Bank, we’ve got you completely covered, with dozens and dozens of awesome strains that make it oh-so-easy to buy marijuana seeds in the USA. What are you waiting for? The sooner you get your grow on, the sooner you can get your toke on!

God-like in its ability to provide potent relief from stress and pain, Neptune OG marijuana is a fragrant indica strain that grows well in any garden.

Lavender Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Confidential Cheese marijuana seeds are just what you need to put a smile on your face and ease any pain. This euphoric strain does indeed smell of spicy cheese, almost like a plate of nachos. It uplifts the mind while keeping your body grounded and settled.

You can buy marijuana seeds from loads of different places, but a seed bank – specifically a really rad seed bank like Pacific – gives you so much choice you might even feel overwhelmed at first. Don’t fret, though. With a user-friendly search system that lets you narrow down your options to exactly the strains you want, Pacific makes choosing the greatest weed seeds ever easy as pie. You will also find

Honoring a great man in cannabis history, Mr. Nice marijuana is a sweet-smelling indica-dominant hybrid with a great bedside manner. Slightly more complicated to cultivate, intermediate growers will enjoy these fruity rewards.

DO – Choose your seeds and supplier carefully. Not all feminized seeds are created equal. Our seeds are sourced from verified breeders and kept in ideal storage conditions.

One hit, and you will forget all your troubles and discomforts.

Sinsemilla – A Spanish term (“without seed”) that has been adopted among cannabis lovers to describe the dense, seedless kind of bud that you get from feminized weed plants.

How to germinate feminized seeds?

With large yields of light green buds, these plants are stable and do well in cooler conditions. Very uplifting high for an Indica that is said to last up to 6 hours!

Another huge topic of interest going forward in the growing weed for sale market is the world of terpenes. Seasoned cannabis connoisseurs are looking for not jus the strongest weed, but also the tastiest. Terpenes are the scent=producing lipid molecules that really set each strain apart in terms of flavor. Soon we will see strains of feminized seeds containing the most potent mix of flavor combinations. Imagine the colorful combinations you can create when mixing the following complementary flavors:

This perfectly blended hybrid is a favorite as it produces the stickiest dense buds. Plan for an average yield of 400-550 g/m2 indoors.

Nutrient mixes that are made specifically for cannabis come highly recommended since they take the guess work out of mixing your own blends. The primary macronutrients required for the different types of cannabis plants to grow are consistent across the board. In fact essentially all plants require the same basic building blocks of life in order to germinate, grow, and reproduce. These are Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium – abbreviated NPK. There are specific mixes available designed for the vegetative and glowering (or blooming) stage that contain more specific ratios of N-P-K, as well as the dozens of micro nutrients that are needed. Some of the micro nutrients, just to name a few, are sulfur, magnesium, calcium, boron, and zinc.