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Considered the kind of strain best suited to gardeners with intermediate growing experience, Chernobyl feminized marijuana seeds produce a beautiful flower on a plant that, on average, reaches a medium height. Indoors or out, expect a relatively moderate yield after about 55 to 65 days of flowering.

The only thing explosive about Chernobyl marijuana is its burst of citrus and lime flavor; unless you count its super-charged 22% THC content… Enjoy a happy, euphoric high from this delightfully tropical, sativa-dominant hybrid.

High THC and citrus goodness – what’s not to love about Chernobyl marijuana seeds? This sativa hybrid can ease aches and pains as well as depression symptoms, and grows well both indoors and out.


Predominantly offering a head high, the cerebral sensation delivered by Chernobyl marijuana is long lasting, and a favorite daytime strain among both recreational and medical marijuana patients. It’s very effective at helping cure a variety of aches and pains, with properties that help reduce muscle spasms and insomnia. The uplifting sativa qualities are ideal for gently treating mental health conditions like depression and anxiety, allowing patients to go about their day without feeling weighed down.

Chernobyl feminized marijuana seeds will help you banish the blues and those aches and pains – order now!

Once you receive your discreet shipment of cannabis seeds in the mail, you’re ready to start the germination process!

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Are Marijuana Seeds Legal In Alaska?

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Many users are surprised by the effects of Tangerine Dream because of the two distinct results that occur at the same time. Tangerine Dream is incredibly cerebral and increases awareness and promotes creativity.

Tangerine Dream is an incredibly versatile plant, and it offers growers of all levels a chance to get creative in the garden.

Tangerine Dream presents a mouth-watering aroma of tangy citrus, dank herbal sweetness, and raw spice. The flavor of Tangerine Dream weed is full of sour citrus, cedar, unrefined honey, new leather, and spicy herbs. Overall, the terpenes in Tangerine Dream present a complex aroma and flavor that will blow your hair back.

Effects of Tangerine Dream Weed:

Read along to learn everything about Tangerine Dream, such as cultivation tips, medicinal uses, cannabinoid content, and where to buy Tangerine Dream seeds.

The buds’ lime-green hue imparts a soft tone, but the reddish-orange pistils represent the energetic effects yet to come. Overall, Tangerine Dream weed is aesthetically pleasing in every regard.

Tangerine Dream Seeds – Strain ID:

Tangerine Dream requires a heavy dose of nitrogen during the early vegetative phase. Furthermore, Tangerine Dream plants produce many weak side branches, which becomes a problem if you fail to feed it with silica supplements.