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buy lowryder marijuana seeds

The effects of Lowryder come on slow but powerful, so be patient with this strain when smoking. You’ll feel alert, energized, but relaxed at the same time.

So, what kind of effect can you expect from Lowryder? To put it simply: you’ll feel good (really good) and energetic. It’s a nice afternoon smoke if you want to decompress mentally but still have bodily energy. Lowryder will make you feel alert, talkative, and enthusiastic about life. Isn’t that what we all want? You can also enjoy Lowryder in a multitude of ways as this is a great strain to use the vape pen with.


As much as we love Lowryder marijuana seeds, this is not the strain for everybody. But hey, all strains have their pros and cons. The reason we warn shoppers about Lowryder is the psychoactive effects come on slow — but powerful. Sometimes, smokers grow impatient because they do not feel high or buzzed right away and go to smoke more. You can see how this could lead to over-smoking. If you choose to go with Lowryder, rest assured that you will get high. The effects are strong, they just take longer than the average strain.

Lowryder marijuana seeds are a cross between Northern Lights #2 and William’s Wonder. Based on the parent strains, one can predict that Lowryder carries an earthy aroma that radiates from the small, conic buds. For curious growers, the autoflowering time of Lowryder is between 40 to 45 days. One whiff of this stuff will transport you to the woods. Imagine hiking through the aromas of twigs, leaves, and wild mushrooms. That’s what Lowryder reminds us of. It’s both relaxing and outdoorsy.

It isn’t often that any strain of marijuana doesn’t come with some small form of undesirable effect. However, Auto Lowryder Fem strain is one of the rare strains whose adverse effects are as minimal as they come. Users of the strain report a mild dry mouth and dryness around the eyes. This is easily fixed with water or a slushy drink of some sort. First time users of the strain or inexperienced cannabis users may experience some mild paranoia, dizziness and minor anxiety. This is completely normal for those not used to higher THC strains. It is recommended to keep some orange juice on hand should the adverse effects become a little too much. For unknown reasons, orange juice and concentrated forms of vitamin C seems to have magical properties at curtailing the effects of over consumption of THC.

An even indica to sativa ratio makes this strain an excellent medical therapy. The indica nature of the strain makes it highly suitable for treating nausea, anxiety, stress and the related muscle tension. The sativa component delivers considerable mood elevation properties and helps users maintain focus on what they are doing making it effective in counteracting attention deficit disorders. The uplifting properties also make it suitable for aiding in the treatment of depression. Auto Lowryder strain is an all-around great strain for treating the aforementioned conditions.

Adverse Reactions

Fast is the word best used to describe the flowering time for Auto Lowryder. Growing into the flowering stage in five weeks and harvestable in nine to ten weeks makes it possible to harvest multiple crops a year. Those multiple crops per year are very beneficial as the yields of this smaller plant are usually within sixty to ninety grams per plant. Growers would be wise to consider planting several plants at once in order to attain a larger yield than one would get with a solitary plant.

Our olfactory senses have an innate ability to trigger memories in our brains. Slight scents of pine laced with citrus fill the space and linger, however, they are not overpowering. Christmas comes to mind when growing and smoking this little fireball of fun. Depending on where you live this can be of great benefit to smokers who prefer discretion or do not wish to bother neighbors.

No commonly used nicknames have developed or been utilized by the cannabis community for this particular strain. That may be a consequence of having a great name from the start. As previously mentioned, the strain shares wordage with the classic song Low Rider by War. It’s possible that upon smoking the strain you may get that song stuck in your head but that really isn’t such a bad thing at all.