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buy low thc marijuana seeds

There is a misconception that surrounds cannabis consumption, with many people thinking that the sole purpose for experimenting with the plant is to get ‘high’. However, this is simply not true. While there are many strains that boast extremely potent THC levels and lead to a trippy, psychedelic, giggly buzz, there are many other strains that contain low levels of THC or, in some cases, hardly any THC at all.

Enjoy the unique balanced benefits of Shishkaberry and high-CBD Candida

CBD Strawberry 1 to 15 Fem

All the seeds listed in our ‘Top 5’ above are feminized. This means that, when you plant them, you’ll get an all-female crop 99% of the time. If you opt for regular seeds, you’ll get a roughly 50/50 split of male and female plants. The males can cause problems by accidentally pollinating the females, creating seeded buds that are unpleasant to smoke.

Growing outdoors can be very rewarding as long as you live in a location blessed with the paradisiacal climate that cannabis plants crave. Of course, you’ll need to keep a very close eye out for potential threats such as inclement weather, pests and pathogens.

CBD Strawberry 1 to 15 Fem This fruity, CBD-rich strain has a pungent yet sweet scent and provides a comfortable and relaxing buzz. It’s a reliable provider of physical relief for patients suffering from pain and discomfort whether mild or severe, and it can be grown indoors or out.

THC is one of over 100 cannabinoids. Although it provides enjoyable highs, it’s not always the most functional or productive option. Our range of low-THC seeds provide clear-headed and motivating effects that keep users sharp and inspired. Some of these cultivars produce a subtle high, whereas others exert no psychotropic effect at all.

Autoflowering strains are easy to grow, productive, and perfect for beginners. They don’t require a change in the light cycle to flower, and they tolerate pests, disease, and adverse conditions well. The autoflowering strains below possess varying levels of THC. Some offer a subtle high, whereas others produce no psychoactive effect at all.

Feminized Low-THC Strains

This fast-flowering strain pairs moderate levels of THC with quick and easy harvests. Her dense and frosty flowers produce a THC level of 16% alongside an array of fruity, peppery, and piney terpenes. You’ll certainly feel the effects of THC after smoking or vaping these buds, but the high is comfortable and controlled. Enjoy hours of motivation and focus, without any sensations of sleepiness or lethargy. Opt for these flowers during the day to stay engaged and productive.

Haze Berry Automatic provides perfect low-THC weed seeds for growers that favour exceptional flavour above all else. This hardy and fruity strain features a complex terpene profile that highlights notes of blueberry, fruits, and sugar. A THC level of 13% accompanies these flavourful molecules. Together, this chemical cocktail gives rise to a grounded and physical high that relaxes the body and keeps the mind clear.

Easy Bud maintains a short stature throughout the entire growing cycle, yet still manages to produce an impressive yield of citrus-scented buds. Indoor plants grow to 50–60cm and produce up to 325g/m². Those grown outdoors reach 110cm and produce anywhere from 30–80g/plant. Prepare to harvest these buds 9–10 weeks after germination.