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With its CBD levels, the Jilly Bean Feminized is not only great for chilling out but is also quite wonderful for a number of medicinal purposes. It can be very helpful to those who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and chronic stress due to its mood-boosting and energizing qualities. Furthermore, this Sativa can also help treat PTSD, ADHD, and bipolar disorder. Physical disorders like body pains, migraines, tensions, and cramps but not very severe pain. In addition, it is also known to help cure insomnia.

Type: Sativa-dominant (60%)
Genetics Parents: Space Queen x Orange Skunk
Flowering Period: 8-10 weeks
Climate: Warm/Sunny, Humid/Dry
Yield: Unknown
Flavors: Sweet, Mango, Orange, Tropical
THC Level: 20%
CBD Level: less than 1%
Height: Short
Harvest Period: September
Growing Difficulty: Easy

Given its high THC levels, the Jilly Bean Feminized can induce a number of minor adverse reactions. The adverse effects include dry and itchy eyes and cottonmouth which are very common among marijuana strains. Consumers can also feel parched and dehydrated when smoking this hybrid but can be easily get rid of by drinking lots of fluids. When consumed improperly or in higher doses, it has been reported to deliver slight bouts of headaches and dizziness.

What are the Medical Benefits of Jilly Bean Feminized?

Created from crossing the Space Queen and Orange Skunk marijuana strains, the Jilly Bean Feminized is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that has several delightful qualities. The strain’s strong and high THC levels of around 20% and less than 1% CBD levels place this herb in the upper rank of potency. And as its name implies, this strain is made up of aromas and flavors of delightful mangoes, tangy oranges, and tropical flavored jelly beans. Also, it produces potent Sativa effects that have become a well-recognized choice for both recreational and medicinal cannabis users. The combination of its euphoric high and a number of medicinal purposes make this hybrid very desirable. With all its amazing flavors and effects, the Jilly Bean Feminized is a really great Sativa-dominant cannabis.

The Jilly Bean Feminized marijuana strain is an excellently fragrant cannabis plant that has subtle subtropical aromas that are very similar to sweet mangoes, oranges, and tropical-flavored jellybean candies. Taste-wise, the weed boasts of rich and tangy orange and citrus flavors with sweet tangy overtones of fruits that are definitely mouthwatering. And together with its flavors and scents, the strain’s overpowering effects are mainly Sativa which can be experienced almost instantly. Thanks to the strain’s energetic and uplifting head rush, it really makes users mentally at ease. Moreover, it produces a boost in creativity and gives users more desire to socialize, making it perfect for those social situations. After the mental high, the mild and soothing physical buzz then follows. As the high takes over the whole body, users can experience intense relaxation which leads to having heavy eyes and muscle relaxation. This Sativa hybrid is considered to be an excellent daytime strain that’s ideal for staying positive and functional while getting things done during the day.

When cultivating the Jillybean cannabis plant, it is described as quite easy which makes it suitable for even newbie growers. Also, this strain is relatively resistant to milds, pests, and common molds. This Sativa plant can grow well indoors and outdoors using either hydroponics or directly on organic soil. If cultivated indoors, it only takes about 8-10 weeks for it to finish flowering. Given its structure, the strain is suitable for the Sea of Green and Screen of Green growing methods. Growers can expect an abundant harvest of around 300G per square meter. Outdoors, this plant must be topped only once in order for it to flower. Moreover, the Jilly Bean Feminized cannabis plant thrives best in a humid, sunny, warm, and dry climate. These nugs can be collected in September wherein breeders can expect 220G of dense buds per plant.

With a candy-flavored smoke offering a deliciously soft but intense high, Jillybean feminized marijuana seeds are easy-to-grow and easy to enjoy!

When you want to satisfy your sweet tooth without the overindulgence, try Jillybean marijuana – it smells (and tastes) just like a handful of tropical jelly beans! Boasting deep purple and green leaves with a smattering of bright orange pistils, the crystal covered buds of this sativa-dominant hybrid result in an intense cerebral high coupled with an uplifting body high that boosts energy and focus for hours.


Jillybean feminized marijuana seeds are resilient, resistant to common molds and mildews. They do well outdoors, but these short sativas prefer a warm, dry environment, and these small but dense and fragrant bushes will produce up to about 400 grams per plant after about 60-70 days.

Offering up a moderate level of THC and CBD (1%), the rush of happiness combined with a boost in creativity make Jillybean marijuana as popular for social gatherings (especially if you like to giggle), as it is for patients – a soothing but invigorating full-body high has many medical applications, like relieving aches and pains, chronic stress and other mood disorders like depression and anxiety and helping people to cope with chronic fatigue.

Treat yourself to a tropical delight – order Jillybean feminized marijuana seeds now!