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buy indoor feminized marijuana seeds

Created by an American expatriate, Amnesia Haze is a strain known for the psychedelic head high it produces. Indoor growers turn to this strain when they desire a high yield, although this plant does come with a long flowering time.

A horticulturist or botany degree comes in handy if you want to grow some dank weed but it is not required. You just need some guidance to get started and get efficient growth and the flowers you desire. If you choose to grow an outdoor garden, it is important to know that soil lies at the foundation of growing so make sure you have healthy nutrient appropriate soil for your plants. There are many soil recipes available but generally, if it is good enough to grow your vegetables in, it should help your cannabis to thrive. It is smart to order feminized seeds not only from a time, cost, and resource point of view but also because of the restrictions placed on the number of plants you are legally permitted to grow. Depending on the state you live in you could be limited to just a few plants. If this is the case, check out cannabis seeds and start with feminized cannabis seeds to make the most efficient use of your grow space whether it is inside or outdoors.

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Breeders create feminized wholesale seeds by stressing female plants to trigger a stress response known as hermaphroditism. When this response occurs, the female plant produces pollen sacs, which the breeder then takes and uses to fertilize a separate female plant. No male chromosomes enter into the process, so every plant produced is female.

We provide a very user-friendly online ordering platform where you can browse the entire selection of feminized marijuana seeds, and then add whatever quantity to your cart that you desire or require. Growers can choose to buy packs of three seeds all the way up to orders of 1000+ wholesale feminized seeds. The choice is also up to you as far as which payment method you are more comfortable with.

Feminized marijuana seeds are specifically bred to produce only female plants. Known for producing buds that are satisfying to smoke, a feminized seed will create a plant you can brag about. There will be no shortages of THC and CBD in your homegrown buds if you choose feminized weed seeds. Back in the day when old-school cultivators used traditional methods to sprout female plants, it was hit and miss. There was no way to tell if they were going to get a batch full of males or females. Ideally, you want as many female marijuana plants in your garden as possible so that you can produce consistently high-quality weed. Seed feminization implements pollination techniques that put the odds of sprouting female plants back in your favor. Ensuring that your crop is full of potent females consistently is something that most growers strive for. If you go with regular seeds, you will invest your time and effort into the plants and will have to wait until it shows which sex it is. It could be disheartening to grow it for a couple of months and then realize you got a male and all of your hard work was for some buds that are duds. Beginners should consider purchasing feminized cannabis seeds from Weed Seeds because they are pretty much guaranteed to produce a female plant with potent buds.

The Cheese – A legendary Marijuana seed strain that stems from the underground scene. Known for its massive buds and cheese smell it has now been re-engineered by crossing it with an Afghan male. Uplifting, old-school smoke with attitude.

Crystal – The Crystal strain was winner of the High Life Cup in 2002. Crystal is also the result of the strains White Widow and Northern Lights crossed so you get the best of both. Sticky buds are produced covered in crystal and has a real kick to it.

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Northern Lights – This strain is well known for winning the Indica Cup in 1988, 1989 and 1990. It’s a highly recommended Cannabis strain, one of the world’s most famous and very popular for indoor growing.

Ice – This strain was a winner in the 1988 Cannabis Cup and a new classic. It has a very high THC content and the buds get covered in stunning white crystals.