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buy female marijuana seeds

Additionally, consider your permissible plant-count. Many legal states only allow a certain number of plants per adult and household, and you may not want to fill up your quota with plants that may or may not make it. In this case, we recommend feminized cannabis seeds.

At Greenpoint Seeds, our primary focus is on regular cannabis seeds. These allow both growers and breeders the opportunity to experiment with different strains at a relatively low price. However, we also offer many feminized seeds to make the cultivation process easier, albeit at a slightly higher cost. The increased price point is solely due to the additional feminizing step these seeds endure; both our regular marijuana seeds and our feminized seeds produce dank buds with high cannabinoid levels.

Pollen from male plants contains both X and Y chromosomes. As such, seeds produced from male pollen will produce either female plants (which contain only XX chromosomes) or male plants (which contain both X and Y chromosomes). By removing the male from the pollination process, there is no Y (male) chromosome to pass on to the next generation. Hence, all seeds produced from a pollinated female plant will only contain female genetics. Unless the next generation is also stressed, they should all produce seedless cannabis flower.

Should You Buy Feminized Seeds?

Let's explain:

After carefully stressing a female into pollination, breeders can confidently sell the resulting seeds as “female cannabis seeds,” knowing full-well that no males will be in the mix.

While we certainly appreciate Mary Jane's dedication to her lineage, sometimes it's best to avoid the risk of male pollination all-together. To do this, we recommend buying feminized cannabis seeds.

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DO – Try different lighting options. There are different benefits with LED light than there are with Fluorescent, HID, HPS, and sunlight. Experiment with different options if you have the room for it, or explore combining more than one. You don’t need to spend tons of money right off the starting line, but this is equipment that you can slowly accumulate over the years.

DO – Try different veg cycles. Most strains can benefit from at least 4-5 weeks of vegetative growth to support the development of strong branches and healthy roots. Some growers have great results vegging for up to 6-10 weeks, which essentially just gets you a larger plant. Techniques such as SOG (‘Sea Of Green’) require cultivators to switch to flowering after 1-2 weeks, which enables many smaller plants to be grown closer together in a small space, hence the name.

I49 Seed Bank is a medical marijuana seed supplier that sells cannabis seeds online for residential weed growing operations. We use plain packaging and guarantee your privacy while you are a customer of our feminized cannabis seed bank. Call +1 (240) 618-2744 for the best feminized seeds for sale online. You can also browse our menu directly at and discover our bulk pricing discounts as well as tons of useful information about each strain of feminized weed for sale. There are many seed bank options out there on the wonderful world wide web, but i49 remains un-matched in terms of experience, selection, and pricing. Growing cannabis in the twenty first century should be fun, easy, and affordable, and this is a big part of our mission in making the art of growing more accessible to American’s who want to try.

How to buy feminized seeds online?

A unique plant turning out bright green flowers that are glistening with resinous trichomes.

Buying Cannabis seeds should be a comfortable experience, and what could be more comfortable than sitting at your own couch or computer chair and taking your sweet time. No line-ups or having to find street parking. No pushy customers in line trying to sway your decision or biased bud tenders that have never grown weed themselves but just have their favorite handful of strains to smoke. When you purchase from home you can research the different strains that catch your eye and make sure you understand the basic requirements for successfully growing feminized seeds. You can buy our indoor variety of fem seeds if you plan to grow in a small room in your home, grow-tent, or commercial warehouse space. We also have great outdoor feminized seeds that can thrive in your garden or backyard greenhouse.

Cloning – Feminized weed seeds are the perfect beginning point if you are interested in learning how to clone marijuana plants. For cloning, you need a healthy mother plant with good genes that is kept continuously in vegetative stage, while small cuttings can be made ever few weeks and transplanted into soil. All clones will be exact genetic replicas of the mother plant, so this can be a great way to propagate a strain that you already know and love. Eventually a mother plant will wear out and you will need to start a new one with some feminized seeds that you order online from

Amnesia like the name promises with get you lifted and forgetting all your woes. Award winning strain that can have strong cerebral effects – uplifting and mellow.

If you’re contacted via social media to purchase seeds, chances are you’ve been targeted for a scam. We recommend using established cannabis seed vendors.

Fruity and skunky, Train Wreck is a Sativa dominant that grows more like an Indica, meaning it’s great for a grow room. These feminized seeds will produce high yields and growers have said it’s one of the easiest to grow. Get ready for its dense resinous buds and a euphoric high that settles into the body for an overall great time. Be sure to use this exclusive discount code for 10% off your purchase: GNET10%

What are feminized cannabis seeds?

People always wonder about the legal risk of purchasing cannabis seeds through the mail. Legitimate seed vendors (including those we recommend) ship discreetly to most locations. Seeds can be stopped by customs, but this doesn’t happen often.

This is another feminized strain that’s also autoflowering. If you grow from these seeds, expect a tall plant with dense resinous buds. This one goes from seed to flower in only 70 days, so if you’re looking for a quick turnaround, White LSD is for you. The stone has been described as similar to that of Maui Wowie and makes for a great daytime smoke, leaving you uplifted and social. Be sure to use our discount code for 10% off your purchase: GNET10%

Writer’s Note: My seed recommendations are based on talks with growers, patients, as well as customer reviews and my own personal preference.