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bubblelicious feminized marijuana seeds

This super reliable hybrid will flower in 9-10 weeks and will not grow tall when blooming commences.

She has a high calyx to leaf ratio so she will grow enormous buds and will be easy to harvest and trim. Her fragrance during the flowering stage is exotic, floral, fruity and tropical, with an earthy, candy sweet strawberry essence. Another thing about this majestic lady is how she will flower with pink, magenta and purple hues making her stand out from the rest, meaning her bag appeal is sky high.

Bubblelicious Feminized is a candy shop sweet strain that was created by bringing together our best two Skunk lines. Incredible terpenes, mouth-watering flavors, large sized frosty nugs making Bubblelicious the ultimate strain for beginner growers.

Experiencing this strain: Due to the Skunk lineage of Bubblelicious, the effects will be high energy, high creativity and a fun, relaxed mind set. She has a THC level from 15-18% making her a more mellow hybrid, but ideal for smokers who love long lasting fruit cocktail flavors, that really inspire the inner artist.

Genetics: In order to create the most unique and fruity Skunk hybrid possible, we used Big Big and crossed her with a Skunk #5 male. Both plants are well known for their huge yields of bright green, resin caked flowers, and their resilience to withstand hot and cold climates with ease.

Feminized Bubblelicious seeds was developed in the Midwest, U.S.A., then brought to the Netherlands in the 1990s to be further refined. Its plants grow vigorously and finish flowering in about 8 weeks. Bubblelicious seeds is highly resinous and extra sweet. Certain phenotypes will actually display a distinct pink bubblegum scent and flavor. This strain of cannabis is also very suitable for medical marijuana

A unique and very refined marijuana strain! The feminized Bubblelicious seed was originally developed in the Midwest, U.S.A and later sent to Netherlands in 1990’s only to be genetically refined further to grow a new and refreshing Cannabis strain. The 100% feminized seeds when cultivated. grow vigorously and flower in a short span of 8 weeks.

Bubblelicious marijuana plant

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The Bubblelicious marijuana weed plant has a very sweet taste and is highly resinous. Certain phenotypical features of the strain, display a very distinctive pink bubblegum scent, henceforth the name Bubblelicious weed. The flavour of the plant is one of the main reasons behind the plant being a favourite Cannabis strain.
The Bubblelicious Seeds and many other seeds can be found at Dutch Seeds Shop, which you can find marijuana seeds for sale. The plant also has special medicinal properties, yielding a genuine 400/500 (g/m²). The seeds when cultivated under cool climatic conditions, grow vigorously and flower in a span of 55 to 65 days. The Bubblelicious strain is a favourite amongst people who love the sweet bubblegum flavour, above its mild smoke. The plant although achieves only a small height, it can grow both indoor and outdoors, in your small garden.