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bubblegum marijuana seeds canada

This strain is an amazing child after crossing two excellent parent strains, namely Pure Haze to the famous Original Bubblegum. Bubblegum Haze belongs to the unusual herb strain. It is known as must-try cannabis because of its great properties and amazing effects. It has the ability to give you a high with just a balanced feeling when having 17 to 20 percent of THC content.

This plant is quite challenging to grow, and you just need to have patience while taking care of this strain. This strain will never fail to disappoint you when it comes to yields that it gives. This can grow more than 200 to 300 cm tall, and it is bushier when it comes to Sativa strains. Regular trimming and pruning are the best to do often to maintain better air circulation. The screen of the Green method is better to use before flowers start to grow. Expect to have as much as 600 grams of buds every square meter after its flowering period of 9 to 10 weeks.

It is an excellent choice to grow with cultivators with experience while growing this plant. This plant can produce 700 to 1000 grams of tasty buds each plant while in optimal areas. Growing it on around April will ready to harvest for the month of October while in optimal areas

Because of the strain’s genetic type that passes their splendid properties, it gives flavor such as having a note of citrus, a sweet flavor, and tropical berry. After using it, it gives you a heavenly feeling and creative thoughts for a couple of hours.

This is for the sweet-tooth in every smoker, Bubblegum Kush comes as the perfect chronic choice. It sports a sweet candy-like taste mixed in with the traditional indica flavor, making it a good meal topper. Smoke a few joints after lunch or dinner and you’ll feel a strong, creative high, perfect for writing songs, stories, or anything that your mind picks up over the celestial wireless. Smokers worldwide consider it a favorite and a good alternative to White Widow. If you are a lightweight, probably better just smoking it in a chilled water bong. BubbleGum Kush induces a lengthy trippy periods if you take it directly.

Facts about the BubbleGum Kush Strain:
The plant is often marked with large buds and big leaves
It’s pretty short, with a few branches, but produces a decent yield
BG KUSH has won four different awards from the Cannabis Cup

10 seeds = $80
Type: Indica
Climate: Indoor
Yield: 380 – 450 grams
Height: 68 to 85 cm
Flowering Period: 7-10 weeks

Bubblegum brings nostalgic sensations such as the sweet, comforting feeling of the yesteryears. This highly uplifting and relaxing strain suits those who seek to smoke marijuana not only for its effects but for its delightful taste. With its bubblegum flavor, you are just one puff away from reliving your childhood years.

Kicking Nostalgia Into High Gear

Bubblegum Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a balanced hybrid all-female strain with high yields up to 600 grams per plant outdoors and up to 550 grams per square meter indoors. This strain will make you focused, happy, relaxing, uplifting, talkative, and creative. This train can grow in almost all environments, including cold or cool climates.

Additional Information

At first, users will find the palatable taste of bubblegum accompanied by its floral undertones to be very strong; however, as soon as the effects start to kick in, they will overcome your other senses. It starts with a slight kick in the noggins that will drift you off in a trance-like state. Users would now be in a semi-baked state at this point, and the Indica properties of this weed start to overtake the physical body. Within a few hours, you can feel your arms and legs become heavier.

Just like many other strains, this well-balanced hybrid loves to be placed under the glorious outdoors where it can receive the bask under the sun. This should allow the plant to produce yields of up to 600 grams per plant.