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bruce banner x white russian marijuana seeds

This new monster THC rich strain has been achieved by crossing Bruce Banner (Strawberry Diesel & OG Kush) and the legendary White Russian (White Widow x AK47).

This new monster THC rich strain has been achieved by crossing Bruce Banner (Strawberry Diesel & OG Kush) and the legendary White Russian (White Widow x AK47).

Cream of the Crop – Bruce the Russian – Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Bruce the Russian, she’s mean, and most certainly green!

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She has a super fruity smell coming from her Strawberry Diesel roots, not forgetting the distinctive fuel edge coming through too. She grows tall and proud, and will produce very resinous buds. The smoke is a long lasting & well balanced with a relaxing body stoned combined with cerebral high. Treat her with love and she will produce some shirt busting yields; with a 9-10 week flowering time indoors, and mid-October if your outdoors.

We covered the height of the strain a couple times, however, once again outdoor cultivators are encouraged to find clandestine growing locations or use a greenhouse. When grown in full sun this strain has the potential of reaching up to seven feet. This makes it easily spottable from a distance and the strong fuel aroma it produces can lead trained noses right to it. This strain of cannabis seeds is well worth the effort though as well cared for outdoor plants can yield as much as a pound and a half of potent bud per plant. Feed and water on a regular schedule to provide proper nutrition. Trimming of excess foliage is important as the strain can become leaf bound and prone to mold if not cared for. Plant in late May for a late September harvest.

This strain boasts a strong aroma when it’s growing and an even stronger one when it’s being smoked. A powerful aroma of diesel and field berries fills the room but is cut slightly with the familiar damp, dank scent of OG Kush. The odor is pleasant but noticeable so discretion when smoking is advised.


The indoor flowering time of Bruce Banner x White Russian Fem strain seeds is a relatively short nine to ten weeks. Trimming of nonessential foliage during the flowering period is recommended to give the buds as much light exposure as possible. When crystals cover the buds as if they’ve been frosted by confectioners sugar and pale yellow pistils spill wildly out in every direction this strain is signalling that a rich bountiful harvest of fresh, smokable cannabis flowers is a mere week or two away.

One of our topic strains parents, Bruce Banner, hit the medical cannabis community like The Incredible Hulk himself and passed along that tendency to its offspring. Powerful analgesic effects bring about nearly immediate pain relief from even severe conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. The anxiolytic compounds calm anxiety, decrease stress, boost moods and ease symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. In some cases, smokers have reported relief from exhaustion and low energy.

Outdoor cultivators are well advised to consider the height of this strain at maturity. It can reach heights of six or seven feet tall. It also produces a very distinct aroma that can give away its location during flowering. The tricky part is it needs full sun too, so picking a clandestine location to grow outdoors or using a greenhouse is recommended. Indoor cultivators should only allow the plant about two to three weeks or up to three feet of vegetative growth before switching the lights over to trigger the reproductive stage. This will aid in keeping the plant height below five feet and make it much more manageable in tight spaces. Water regularly, feed with organic fertilizers and trim to allow consistent airflow and light penetration. Following those simple steps will guarantee cultivators a good yield of potent cannabis flowers.