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bonzai marijuana seeds

Once you have everything you need to hand, the you’ll need to follow are:

Once you have decided which branches to train, wrap lengths of grading wire or string around them, and attach these to one of the holes so that each branch will stay in place.

1. Prepare the pot

By keeping a selection of bonsai cannabis plants, growers can also vary their crops without the need to cultivate plants from seeds every time they want to introduce a different variety.

Instead, you’ll want to preserve your bonsai cannabis plant for decorative purposes, as a source of cuttings for propagation of larger plants, and just because you’ve grown so fond of the little guy. So you’ll need to ‘top’ your plant, and restart the vegetative stage so that it will continue to grow.

Brilliantly, these bonsai weed plants are created by applying many of the techniques and principles of the ancient art form which began in Japan and China many centuries ago. Unlike traditional bonsai trees, however, weed bonsais also provide cannabis growers with a ‘mother’ plant to use as a source of ‘clone’ clippings.

Budsai can really be your way to meditate on the nature of your favourite plant in the whole wide world. It can lift your growing philosophy to a whole new level. Just want to grow for superb harvests and the finest homegrown weed in the world? We got you: just pick any seeds from our webshop and follow our grow blogs for expert tips instructions! If you love weed, however, and you’re looking to take that love to a whole other level, then budsai may be just your kind of thing!

UkDam’s past ganja grows had taught him a few things about genetics. He had discovered that one particular strain, our very own Strawberry Glue, was the perfect girl for the job. She was a tough, robust plant that could take some stress. Furthermore, her stout sativa build and fast growing habits made her great potential budsai material. When he inquired, his contacts at Amsterdam Genetics forwarded some prime seeds.

Budsai Is Growing Weed With A Twist

Classic bonsai tree

Amsterdam Genetics budsai in progress!

Most of us growers tend to look beyond the limits of our own cannabis hobby sometimes. If you are intrigued by the power of nature, and you like a bit of creativity too, them you’re probably heard about bonsai before. This ancient miniature plant-rearing technique, now popular among gardeners all over the world, first emerged in ancient China and Japan.

A lot of people think that a Bonsai is a certain type of tree that grows small but little do they know, Bonsai literally means “planted in a container”, this art form refers to various training and pruning techniques that can be applied to certain shrubs and trees. Not all species can be grown this way but, luckily for you, cannabis is great for this technique so if you want to learn how to grow your own cannabis Bonsai, here’s our guide!

First of all; In order for your bonsai to turn out as good as it can be, it’s better to use strains that tend to grow shorter and compact, with a thicker stem, and smaller leaves, so in general, it’s recommended to use shorter varieties.

1. What Are Bonsais?

To perform these techniques correctly, you will have to use wire, string, or plant ties to bend a branch into growing in the desired direction, thus achieving the typical bonsai structure (when done correctly).

But, when growing cannabis for your own consumption, topping once or twice (or even more) will do the job but when talking about cannabis bonsais it may not be the best option because, despite resulting in a shorter plant, it will not resemble a traditional bonsai tree so you will still have to apply LST techniques.

Before starting with your own cannabis bonsai, there are a couple of things you should have in mind.