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blueberry x lemon haze auto marijuana seeds

As for its appearance, Lemon Haze plants have buds that appear to be green with yellow and amber undertones. This plant has a very summery vibe with its pastel and bright colors. Tiny hairs can be seen on Lemon Haze’s trichomes, which is just a fancy way of saying crystals. The trichomes are large enough to be seen with the naked eye and make this stain highly visually appealing for growers.

Lemon Haze marijuana seeds are quite similar to the Lemon strain and, well, the fruit itself. The yellow coloring and citrus smell of an actual lemon present themselves in Lemon Haze. The aroma of this strain is strong, awakening, and fresh. The aroma is easy recognizable and lingers in a room for quite a while, which can be a good or bad thing depending on how discrete you want to be with your smoking.

This strain’s THC amount is measured between 15 – 20% with a CBD content of 0.38%. If you’re looking for a milder buzz, Lemon Haze marijuana seeds are right up your alley. They’re the perfect choice for marijuana because. Consumers have said that the buzz doesn’t last long, but the smell is why they keep coming back for more.

Once you buy your Auto Blueberry x Lemon Haze Fem strain seeds online your cultivating journey begins. Let your seeds grow in a location that is hot, has proper light and air flow. The flowering stage for these weed seeds takes 8-10 weeks and then they are ready to harvest.

Not a strain to play with because of its high THC content, this weed can knock you down senseless if you smoke too much of it. If you are not cautious about your intake of Auto Blueberry x Lemon Haze Fem can leave you feeling slightly dizzy, and possibly create anxiety. To prevent these unwanted effects from happening, take it in small doses to enjoy a positive high. Following most blaze seshes comes cotton mouth and dry red eyes. If these conditions bother you, grab a refreshing drink and some eye drops to moisten both your mouth and eyes.

Flowering Time

Whichever strain you choose to go with, you can be sure I49’s seed bank will have you covered. That’s the beauty of ordering from I49 is that you have the reassurance that we have super strong genetics that give off hearty yields. Any strain you decide you want to cultivate; we will have you covered with super potent seeds delivered right to you.

Auto Blueberry x Lemon Haze Fem is a fast maturing, easy growing strain that has a high THC content of 20%. Its appearance resembles its parent Blueberry, with its bright green leaves, purple clusters and blonde pistils. This potent creation is a mix between the legendary Haze ruderalis and Blueberry. In 2000, Blueberry won the High Times Cannabis Cup for the best indica award. Auto Blueberry x Lemon Haze Fem is a flavorful concoction that will please both tokers, and growers. This delicious marijuana provides a relaxing body and mind high that can be sedating and be beneficial to both medicinal and recreational users.

Auto Blueberry x Lemon Haze Fem is a pretty big mouthful to articulate when you’re nice and stoned. Users have been known to call this strain Blueberry Lemon for short, so if you hear those two fruits together, they might be talking about this dank marijuana.

Blueberry x Lemon Haze Autoflower is a Sativa dominant strain crossing these two legendary and mythical high-quality strains with a Rudelaris.

Blueberry is an Indica dominant strain that has been obtained from the cross of Afghani x Thai x Purple Thai. Genetics has made this plant qualify as one of the best Indica for smoking.


It gives off earthy citrus aromas wrapped in sweet forest berries and its flavor is similar to its aroma with hints of sandalwood.

Is an Autoflower is a high strain quality aromatic and has a flavor that just by reading its name you can get an idea.

Blueberry x Lemon Haze Autoflower is a high quality aromatic and has a flavor that just by reading its name you can get an idea.