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blueberry x jack herer auto marijuana seeds

Height: 60-100cm approximately

THC Content: 16-20%

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Jack Herer Blueberry Automatic is a spicy and herbal tasting bud with sweet aromas. Buds are likely to finish with around 16-20% THC content and will mostly resemble an old school skunk with light greens and orange but not much colour.

Jack Herer Blueberry Automatic is very similar to the original, but it grows and finishes without the need for a timer or light cycle. Auto JACK HERER BLUEBERRY will go from planted seed to harvested buds in as little as 63 days (including natural veg time)

Seed to Harvest Time: 9-10 Weeks (63-70 Days)

Auto Blueberry Fem is another strain that is going to be in your pipe within 10 weeks of germination. It delivers the same outstanding blueberry taste and has a potent, long lasting high.

These weed seeds grow into plants that are very compact in stature and are great for growing in small spaces. Thanks to their strength and structure, they are able to handle inexperienced hands all over them and are forgiving to rookie mistakes. They are excellent at withstanding mold, pests, and disease.

These cannabis seeds are best grown indoors but growing them outdoors is not out of the question.


When these two strains are blended together, it creates a well-rounded high that gives an equal mind and body stone. This can be a great daytime strain and it will give you the joyous motivation for hours yet also provide the calming effects that melt tension away. This beauty is truly yin and yang ganja.

A strain that has blueberry in the name is definitely going to deliver that to your palate. It has a nice combination of mixed berries garnished with a dose of pine and lemon juice. Fruity, slightly sour yet sweet, this smoke is going to give you an explosion in your mouth that you will remember where you had your first mouthgasm.

While the output that these plants produce outdoors is not great, the benefit is that they can produce two harvest per year. Each plant can produce between 1.75 to 5.25 ounces per harvest and if you can get two harvests in per year, you can double your output. When trying to manage the calendar, remember that the final harvest should be no later than the end of October.

This Auto Blueberry X Jack Herer Fem is great for daytime use. Your experience will start with a mild and satisfying cerebral buzz. You are going to instantly feel the uplifting effect that will brighten your mood on even the darkest of days. Your worries and stress are going to melt away as quickly as they came. You will enjoy the increase in energy and it will help keep you active for hours. Artistic minds can definitely benefit from the jolt of creativity that it will unleash.