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blueberry x big devil auto marijuana seeds

The plant’s distinctive scent is a product of its contrasting parents. Each toke releases a sweet burst of mixed berries and fruit, with a pungent Skunk stink. It tickles the nostrils and teases the palate, making it almost impossible to resist taking another hit.

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Growing Blueberry x Big Devil from Autoflower Seeds

As the mental high wanes, the Indica effects will intensify. A deep sense of calm and tranquility will dominate, eventually lulling tokers into a deep sleep. Although the drowsiness takes a few hours to kick in, it’s not advisable to use this cultivar for wake and bake.

Auto Blueberry x Big Devil’s Indica kick is rather subtle, and is unlikely to lead to couch-lock. This means it’s a great one to enjoy from midday onwards. The depth of the stone depends on individual tolerance, but most people feel a gentle physical buzz that grants them the liberty of staying active. It helps melt away body tension without causing intense lethargy.

Clearly, this remarkable cultivar deserves a spot in any weed aficionado’s stash – and now, there’s no need to buy it from dispensaries, thanks to these autoflowering seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. The addition of Ruderalis genetics makes it effortless to grow and very sturdy too: it’s ideal for newbies who want to hone their marijuana cultivating skills.

In addition, because it contains a significant amount of THC, one may not be safe from experiencing headaches, paranoia, or dizziness. The good news is these side effects are usually avoidable with prudent consumption.

If you are looking for another berry-flavored strain, Shiskaberry Punch Fem is a great option. This hybrid is a blend of Shishkaberry and Purple Punch – both deliciously fruity strains with strong Indica effects. Its 22% THC level provides tremendous and long-lasting relief from pain, fatigue, and stress. Although it is not an autoflower, it has an exceptionally short flowering period. After only 7 to 9 weeks of flowering, each plant could yield up to 550 grams (18 to 19 ounces) of very resinous nugs.

Auto Blueberry x Big Devil Fem is an Indica plant that is definitely beginner-friendly. Although it can be a bit taller than other auto strains, it has a decent height that is not too attention-seeking. Through the infusion of Ruderalis genes, it is hardy and can thrive in any setting. It produces enormous buds quicker compared to photoperiod varieties that depend on a change in the light cycle. What is even more exciting is that the entire process only takes a total of 10 weeks, wherein 6 weeks are intended for the flowering stage.


For a small-ish Indica strain like Auto Blueberry x Big Devil Fem, the Sea of Green (SOG) is the most compatible growing method indoors. Growers can fit up to 4 plants in one square meter, thus ensuring a greater yield. Up to 400 to 450 grams (14 to 16 ounces) per square meter can be anticipated under optimum conditions.

As such, it is a great natural alternative treatment for people suffering from depression and anxiety. Because it is mostly Indica, smokers will experience an increase in dopamine production. Dopamine is responsible for managing the reward and pleasure center of the brain. For that reason, it may aid users to veer away from negative and anxious thoughts.

Either soil or a hydroponics system may be used. To encourage robust growth, give the plants 18 to 20 hours of light per day. The optimal temperature and relative humidity (RH) for growing marijuana indoors can be tricky as the levels will vary depending on the stage it is in. For best results, refer to this guide:

Planting this variant indoors is highly recommended, especially if the plan is to raise multiple plants at the same time. Although it is possible to grow it outdoors with hardly any problems, the grower has better control over the ambient conditions inside a grow room or tent. An indoor setup can help it achieve its full potential – a higher yield of exceptional quality buds.

As you light a fat joint rolled with Big Blue Devil and inhale, your palate will be brought to life with an intoxicating blend of pungent skunk and sweet, delicious berries. The berry flavor will linger on the tongue and leave your mouth longing for another hit. Keep the flavor fest going and buy seeds from Weed Seeds.

We take all the steps necessary to secure the germination viability of your new seeds. You can use several different methods to crack these babies out of their shells, including the paper towel method, soil cubes, germination stations and simply placing a seed directly into damp soil. The tried and true paper towel method can be done using a few household items. It involves sandwiching your 710 seeds between two damp paper towels in a dome created by two plates placed face to face. This creates the perfect moisture levels to bust out the new seedlings in a day or two. Make sure to transport this new delicate home-grown seedling carefully if you want your plants to have a chance to develop and produce their generous yields. Buy these little devils from Weed Seeds and hear the angels sing!


Blueberry x Big Devil is a strain with a gentle mix of sativa and indica effects. The high starts with a cerebral buzz that is euphoric and uplifting. Its use will inspire a clear head and spark creativity. Your ability to focus will be enhanced, making this a perfect option for tackling mid-day tasks with renewed energy. Although this strain has some sedative properties, it is unlikely to lead to couchlock when used in moderation. More often than not, it simply relieves tension and brings a relaxed quality to your body and mind. After a few hours, the relaxation will shift to drowsiness and allow you to fall into a restful sleep. Fortunately, the use of this bud comes with few adverse side effects. The most common are dry eyes and mouth but these can easily be squashed by staying on top of your fluid intake. If you have a devil may care attitude and overuse this potent bud you may experience dizziness, paranoia, and anxiety. After you buy your seeds from Weed Seeds and cultivate a dank stash, be sure to dose responsibly.

Each cannabis strain’s unique mix of terpenes, CBD, and THC combine to create a wealth of recreational and medical effects. This strain’s main terpenes are ocimene and myrcene, each contributing flavors and traits to this complex plant. Ocimene is a powerful anti-inflammatory and myrcene holds the power to uplift the mood, reduce pain and stress, and sedate. Combined with the uplifting effects of THC and the relaxing qualities of the indica genetics and CBD levels, this herb can be used in the treatment of several mental and physical health conditions. If you suffer from mood disorders like anxiety, depression, or chronic stress, this may be the perfect option for you. It can also be helpful for those who are challenged by migraines, muscle spasms, or insomnia. A few puffs are all you need, and unlike traditional pharmaceuticals, there is no long list of potential adverse reactions. Grow an all-natural healing herb garden when you buy seeds from Weed Seeds.

It is a real blessing that these magical plants are easy to cultivate. The plants stay relatively small, reaching heights between 3 and 5 feet. The contribution of the Big Devil genetics leads to massive, dense, nugs sparkling with trichomes. The addition of the ruderalis genetics means these babies flower automatically. There is no need for close monitoring as they will flower without light adjustments based on where they are in their cycle. The ruderalis and indica genes make these plants extra sturdy as well. Their branches can easily support the weight of their buds and the plants can withstand cooler temperatures and stressing. An indoor grow will help these plants achieve their potential, but outdoor grow ops can still produce some awesome results. They take between 9 and 10 weeks to move through their flowering process and become ready to harvest. When you buy Big Blue Devil Auto Fem seeds online in the USA from Weed Seeds expect some awesome plants!