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blueberry x big bud auto marijuana seeds

As such, it is a great natural alternative treatment for people suffering from depression and anxiety. Because it is mostly Indica, smokers will experience an increase in dopamine production. Dopamine is responsible for managing the reward and pleasure center of the brain. For that reason, it may aid users to veer away from negative and anxious thoughts.

This hybrid comes in a spectacular and easily identifiable blueberry color, unlike the usual monotone green of most cannabis plants. The purple-hued buds are covered with glistening trichomes, giving them a snowy appearance. Additionally, this strain looks quite exotic with a blend of different shades depending on how the light hits it.

Adverse Reactions

For the physical benefits, it assists in pain relief and reduction of other bodily discomforts. It could be good for people with arthritis who cannot get the expected benefits from regular medication. Its inflammatory properties may also alleviate muscle spasms and migraines. By removing these burdens temporarily but effectively, patients can resume their daily life routines.

If you are looking for another berry-flavored strain, Shiskaberry Punch Fem is a great option. This hybrid is a blend of Shishkaberry and Purple Punch – both deliciously fruity strains with strong Indica effects. Its 22% THC level provides tremendous and long-lasting relief from pain, fatigue, and stress. Although it is not an autoflower, it has an exceptionally short flowering period. After only 7 to 9 weeks of flowering, each plant could yield up to 550 grams (18 to 19 ounces) of very resinous nugs.

But going back to autoflowering strains, you should also try Auto Northern Lights x Mazar Fem. Both parents are legendary Indicas that come from indigenous Afghani landraces. They each have exceptional therapeutic benefits that address stress, insomnia, and depression. By combining them, a pure Indica with an instantly recognizable sweet and spicy aroma was born. And with a THC level of 18%, it provides an uplifting and floaty mental buzz.

THC concentration: 16% + –
CBD concentration: 0.1% + –
Predominance: 15% Sativa 85% Indica
Genetics: Big Bud x Ruderalis
Medicinal: Helps in the treatment of chronic pain, muscle spasms and stress
Effects: Relaxing, Happiness, Euphoria, Sleep, Hunger
Height: 90-130 cm
Yield: 40 to 125 grams per plant
Seed time to harvest: 12 weeks
Awards: No Awards
Flavor / Aroma: Sweet, Mild, Fruity, Pungent

Big Bud AUTO is a strain obtained by crossing a Big Bud phenotype with a ruderalis clone. It does well in hot climates and adapts well both indoors and outdoors. This variety manages to deliver all the qualities of its Big Bud genetics while still having a faster flowering and more compact structure. Due to the predominance of Indians, it tends to concentrate its forces on the main branch, and training techniques are recommended to control its shape and obtain larger harvests. Its branches can become so heavy that they will need support to support themselves with the weight of the buds, which are covered with resin. After drying and curing, Biggie reveals its pungent and sweet smell that gives rise to excellent hash.

Big Blue Bud is relatively new to the market, but it is already sweeping the scene by storm. There are countless benefits to the use of this balanced herb and the sweet berry aroma is sure to lure tokers into another hit. One of the big reasons this strain is finding its way into home grow operations is the fact that the seeds are both feminized and auto-flowering. Feminized seeds are seeds with pure female genetics. They can be planted and nourished without the need to monitor for, or weed out males, making for an easy grow. The seeds are also auto-flowering, which means the plants do not require light adjustments to flower. These babies will develop fruit based on where they are in their life cycle without any extra fuss. This is the perfect combination to create a super easy to manage bud with awesome results. Buy these easy-to-grow seeds at Weed Seeds.

One of the reasons this strain flies off the shelves is its sweet and alluring flavor profile. The swirling smoke off of a joint rolled with Big Blueberry Bud will enter your mouth on an inhale and flood your palate with the sweet flavor of berries and tropical fruit. Hints of earth ground the experience and rich wood flavors will linger on the tongue. This tasty treat will leave you wanting more but be careful! The high THC levels make this a strain best used in moderation. Buy your seeds from Weed Seeds and get ready for a taste sensation.

What Makes Autoflower Big Blue Bud Strain Popular?

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Blueberry Big Bud is the perfect option for any home grow. The balanced high is great both for indica and sativa lovers. Starting off with a focused and creative cerebral buzz and culminating in deep relaxation, this herb offers a little something for everyone. The genetic makeup makes for an exceptionally easy grow from seed regardless of your experience. When it can be grown in or outdoors with a successful yield of giant, potent nugs, there is no question it should be part of your home grow op. Buy your seeds from Weed Seeds and grow your dream garden.