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blueberry badazz og marijuana seeds

It produces a refreshing yet soothing entire body rest. It can likewise cause you to be active, playful, cheery, and concentrated; however, just for a short moment. Its THC content is pretty powerful, as it works between 19-24%.

Blueberry Badazz OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant all-female cannabis strain with delectable blueberry and mixed fruit flavors. This is a high THC strain with 22 percent THC, which is why it’s euphoric, sleepy, relaxing, uplifting, and happy. This is a beginner strain that requires a temperate or sunny environment to grow.

A Badass Masterpiece

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Produced by blending the potent genetics of an OG Kush and a Blueberry, Blueberry Badazz OG Feminized is a mostly Indica cross strain. Its parents are powerful and simple to cultivate strains and created Blueberry Badazz OG, a great medicinal and recreational cannabis and a farmer’s preference.

This seed grows in a hydroponics system or using soil. After 50 to 65 days of flowering, up to 15 ounces of thick buds per square meter can be obtained. In case thinking to plant outdoors, remember that the weed thrives well in a warm and subtle environment. It is ensured to flourish in a region such as southern Europe. In such marijuana sanctuaries, each weed can provide 20 to 25 ounces of fresh buds.

Blueberry and OG kush in One Exciting Package! Would it be possible to savor and enjoy the invigorating tastes and effects of OG Kush and Blueberry? Yes, you can! The answer is Blueberry Badazz OG. Save the name in your mind as you learn what you can get out of her.

For aroma and flavor, Blueberry Badazz OG will satisfy you with a combination of tantalizing notes and hints. These include berries, citrus, sweet, and earthiness.

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Stimulating yet relaxing, just a few qualities that you should expect when you grow Blueberry Badazz OG. This feminized strain offers a full-body relaxing effect, as this is a dominant indica strain. It will make you feel alive, joyful, happy, and focused with its steep THC levels at 24%. You’ll also love its satisfying berry, sweet, and earthy aroma.

Blueberry Badazz OG induces a stimulating but relaxing full-body relaxation because she’s indica. She can also make you feel alive, happy, joyful, and focused but only for a limited time. Her THC content is quite impressive, as it plays between 19-24%. She is incredibly potent!

Cultivating her would be a rewarding experience for anyone. With her medium height and compact structure, she can be grown indoors under controlled conditions. Growing her outdoors is also okay. The flowers are ready to harvest in 7-9 weeks. Massive yields will come on your way!

Created through breeding the legendary OG Kush and Blueberry, the Blueberry Badazz OG is a hybrid with great cerebral effects from the OG Kush and relaxing effects from the Blueberry. It has an impressive THC level that reaches up to 24 percent, and it has been linked by some studies for the treatment of insomnia, migraines, chronic pains, and tension. Once you use it at night, this strain will help you achieve peace of mind by offering a sense of wellness.

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A Potent Genetic Masterpiece

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If you plant seeds of the Blueberry Badazz OG, it will mature at around 3 to 5 feet in height. It will also end up having a snowcapped appearance, with numerous trichomes covering its cone-shaped buds. The total flowering cycle can be completed within 7 to 9 weeks of care, and each Blueberry Badazz OG plant can give out a yield of around 600 to 700 grams.