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blue og marijuana seeds

These feminized seeds for Blue OG have a flowering period of 8–10 weeks. The longer you leave plants to mature, the more bud you will get from this top-notch indica-dominant hybrid. The plants are conveniently quite short when fully grown. This gives cultivators more flexibility in making good use of space. Despite their small stature, plants can produce comparably generous yields under ideal growing conditions.

To stimulate the appetite and senses, banish nausea and pain, Blue OG is the strain for you. Combining prized OG Kush genetics with Blueberry flavours has resulted in a cultivar with a delightful taste and effect. Growing dank, sweet buds over 8–10 weeks, Blue OG will more than satisfy the needs of therapeutic and recreational users.

There is a rich blend of flavours to be enjoyed from this plant. The delicious blueberry taste dominates the palate. That earthy-pine aroma and spicy wood taste from OG Kush is unmistakable too. Interestingly, hints of forest fruit, lime citrus, and even sweet diesel have also been reported.

Zamnesia – Blue OG: A Knockout Indica With Blueberry excellence

G13 Labs presents an extraordinary hybrid that has been carefully developed in their labs. The team’s passion and expertise for creating high-quality strains is evident in the mind-blowing power of Blue OG. This strain results from a mix of some of the world’s most popular and legendary cultivars from the US West Coast and beyond. Its roots trace all the way back to Thai sativa and Afghan indica varieties, combined with an F3 Blueberry and Blue Moonshine. Of course, OG is a nod to its parent OG Kush, which adds a level of potency and vigour that is unmatched.

Blue OG lends itself to a soothing experience. Medical applications include anxiety, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and headaches and migraines. The Blueberry properties give Blue OG anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties too, thanks to the presence of anthocyanins. By far though, stimulation of appetite is the most notable effect. Stomach cramps, nausea, or general lack of appetite can be helped immensely with Blue OG.

Blue OG tends to have a THC content ranging from 13–18%. Luckily, this strain is well-suited to extractions and hash-making if one is looking to concentrate its effects more. Blue OG has made many smokers happy with a high that is mellow, while also providing a boost in energy and mood. These seemingly contradictory sensations are quite pleasant, resulting from the diverse hybrid genetics of this high-class specimen.

High resin production begins a few weeks after the start of flowering and, when dried properly, the buds acquire a delicious red berry taste with citrusy hints.

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This makes it one of the best strains for hash and oil extraction as the results are abundant and the taste and aroma, sublime.


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