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blue head band marijuana seeds

With an equal percentage for indica and sativa, she offers you the way to enter 2 different worlds. So, she initially induces a euphoric sensation that increases your energy, ability to concentrate, and creativeness. Those emotions will eventually fade to give way for a more relaxing and sedating feeling, which will encourage you to fall asleep. You will enjoy every toke as you taste and enjoy the aroma and flavor of Blue Head Band. These include the blueberry and berry notes, coupled with hints of diesel, pine, lemon, sweet, and pine. A pungent and skunky undertone is also there.

She is the child of ’76 Blueberry, Emerald OG, Cali Sour D, and Pre ’98 Bubba. She is a balanced hybrid strain that guarantees average THC ranging between 12-18% but heavy yields.

Created from the union of outstanding and legendary strains, Blue Head Band feminized version offers the best in cannabis sativa and indica strains. It is relaxing and sedating but is also easy to grow and cultivate. It has a mix of flavors, including pine, sweet, diesel, and lemon, all the delicious tastes you want in weed.

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Amazing Power, Amazing Taste

Novices will enjoy cultivating her. She is easy to cultivate and never demanding. She acts like a real woman who can protect herself against dangers. Definitely, it will be a worthwhile experience.

The best time to indulge in Amnesia Blue Head Band is in the middle of the afternoon or early evening. A single toke is enough to give you an energy boost that shakes off mid-day sluggishness, much like a cup of strong coffee. The reinvigoration is accompanied by a mood-lift, creating an optimistic and happy disposition that drives away worries and fears. This cerebral sensation is a gift from one of its parents, Headband.

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In a grow room, tent, or greenhouse, the best way to maximize Amnesia Blue Head Band Fem’s returns is to implement the Sea of Green (SOG) training method. It will maximize space efficiency and concentrate light over a narrower area, reducing the need to invest in too many grow lamps. By clustering the plants about 30 cm (1 foot) apart, a superb harvest of 450 to 500 grams (16 to 18 ounces) per square meter can be achieved.

This strain, for instance, has anxiolytic and antidepressant properties to alleviate anxiety-related disorders, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), bipolar disorder, and panic attacks. Furthermore, it can be used to mitigate pain from migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, dysmenorrhea, and nerve damage.


Amnesia Haze Fem is a meticulously bred cross of several landraces from Jamaica, Hawaii, Southeast Asia, and the Himalayan region. As an 80% Sativa strain, it creates a joyful mood and a surge of creative energy. And with its hefty 21% THC level, just a little bit goes a long way. This weed can be difficult to grow, being susceptible to some pests and diseases, and having a long flowering period. But if you are up to the challenge, it will reward you with a surprisingly high yield of 700 grams (25 ounces) per plant. This strain is best suited for indoor growing, where you can maintain the environment at optimal conditions.

To enhance the buds’ quality, use organic soil as the growing medium. Although this strain’s THC level is a middling 18%, the terpenes it contains produce something called the “entourage effect” to make the cerebral and body highs more intense. This terpene profile can be improved by organic soil. At the same time, it can boost the plant’s immune system.

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The euphoric state is not limited to the mind, though. Your body will also experience a similar upliftment, courtesy of Blueberry. Muscles and joints will feel loose but not heavy, allowing you to still go about your business. Nonetheless, a higher dose can be employed if you would prefer to just sit back and chill, and you don’t mind the powerful mental haze of this weed’s Amnesia component. All these effects make it a flexible strain that you can adapt to any situation.

As stated earlier, Amnesia Blue Head Band Fem is a balanced hybrid in terms of assuming its parent strains’ growing characteristics and effects. If you want to learn more about its heritage, here is a short introduction.