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blue fruit auto marijuana seeds

Blue Fruit Autoflower is an indica dominant hybrid autoflowering cannabis strain and is designed for the impatient grower. It is easy to cultivate and will grow in almost all environments, plus it flowers very quickly, even a few weeks after germination.

Blue Fruit Autoflower flowers without the use of a special lighting schedule. All automatic plants can grow in small spaces because these are smaller than their regular counterparts. It is also one of the easiest to grow and may be cultivated indoors or outdoors. You also have a high-yielding strain which can grow up to 450 grams of weed per plant.


Blue Fruit Autoflower is a strain made from a potent Blue Fruit strain and a stable ruderalis strain. It needs a warm, sunny, and temperate climate to thrive well and will also grow no matter what your growing area is (indoors, outdoors, or a greenhouse or cabinet). It flowers in just eight weeks plus the buds will have medium THC at 14% and CBD at 0.2%.

Blue Fruit Autoflower plants are very small at only 90 cm tall when mature. When all its growing needs are met, you will get bountiful yields despite its small size. Each Blue Fruit Autoflower plant can produce 400 to 450 grams of weed.

Even people who have never grown cannabis before will find it easy as pie with Blue Fruit Autoflower strain. It is the best choice if you want to grow cannabis with excellent flavor, quick flowering, and a plant with a small and compact size. As a bonus, it has a pleasant flavor, just like fresh blueberries.

The Ultimate Choice for First-Timers

Additional Information

Growing cannabis can be a tough job, especially if you are trying it for the first time. Several breeds are very easy to develop while others might need a bit more experience in cultivation to be successful. Blue Fruit Autoflower is an easy to grow weed and is an excellent choice for first-time growers that want to cultivate and consume weed. The inclusion of a Ruderalis strain made this a very easy strain to grow. This fan-favorite weed has a pleasantly sweet flavor that is reminiscent of blueberry. The fruitiness comes out smoke after smoke.

The lasting taste of this weed comes from its heritage, namely an Afghani. Its Indica roots are mixed with a Thai Sativa that allows an uplifting high that gives off a happy vibe. Blue Fruit Autoflower also has therapeutic value. This weed can be a natural substitute for pain medication as it is very potent against pain due to its decent levels of THC.