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blue dream marijuana seeds for sale

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Genetics: It was created by crossing Blueberry with Haze # 1, known to everyone for its unique flavor. We have managed to create a sativa-dominant hybrid that has inherited all the best from its parents. It is highly resistant, easy to grow, does not require a lot of maintenance and gives off an unforgettable, sweet berry flavor!

First time growing it, and it’s beautiful! It relaxes me just enough and helps with back pain.

THC and CBD values

Blue Dream Feminized is a strain that checks all the boxes; it has an amazing berry flavor, short flowering time, is highly productive, and her THC level reaches up to 20%! Get ready for a real power plant!

I grew 1 plant in coco in a 2.5 x 2.5 x 5 foot tent using a spider farmer sf2000, gh flora trio, recharge & mammoth p. Yield was 247 grams.To be fair, it was a problematic grow but it wasn't the fault of the genetics. I had similar problems with my last grow which was what prompted me to try coco as my last grow was from seeds from another breeder and using FFOF. The led light was new last grow as well. Anyway, back to the review.Sprouted 56 hours after putting seed in peat pellet. Mainlined and switched to flower 40 days from sprout. She stretched a lot more than I had anticipated. I wasn't planning to scrog, but it became clear it was necessary. It wasn't enough so massive super cropping ensued. That was when what looked like a calcium deficiency went crazy on the upper growth. I never did fix the problem so my harvest suffered in both quality and quantity. Buds never really filled in and are airy. Flowered for 75 days.With that said, the sub optimal Blue Dream I grew is still better than my last grow and better than what I was getting from the dispensary. Problematic grow and all, this is just good medicine. Can definitely taste the blueberry in the lineage. Also, for me it was a very low odor grow. Long lasting and energetic. I can't wait to see how the other seeds perform once (or if, lol) I can keep them healthy & vibrant. Thanks Nirvana!

By Rozann M. posted on 2021-06-05

The beautiful blue-green buds smell like a heavenly blend of fresh blueberries and sweet vanilla. The berry scent combined with earthy undertones makes you feel like you are off berry picking on a warm day. You can’t get much better than that!

Whether you are an experienced or novice grower, these seeds are simple and rewarding to grow. Buy Blue Dream strain seeds online at I49, to ensure top genetics. The natural tendency of the plant mixed with I49’s germination guarantee ensures you will end up with a substantial harvest of these aquamarine flowers. Expect big, heavy yielding plants resulting in a sizeable stash to share with your friends!

Get ready to harvest come October and we guarantee you will not be disappointed with the consistently high yield. Constant monitoring is a must though, as these plants are prone to pests. You aren’t the only one digging those colorful buds! While you are out there checking for bugs, keep an eye out for the lovely, deep plum color the plant takes on when exposed to a bit of a chill!


While they will grow outdoors, indoor growing is recommended as they are a bit finicky. If you are set on outdoors, you will have to make sure you are protecting from more extreme weather shifts and parasites. A spot with a good deal of sun and protection from harsh wind will be your best bet. Unless you are in a Mediterranean or subtropical climate, in which case you can carry on and they will do just fine!

Thriving in warmer climates, this is a great strain to take root indoors or in a greenhouse. You have got to make sure these babies get a decent amount of light as they are photoperiod bloomers! While these plants will grow well in either soil or a hydroponic system, doing so in tandem with the Sea of Green (SOG) technique will provide the best results! SOG is a technique where growers induce flowering in the young, small plants to get even more crops per year. Who doesn’t want more from their plant babies?

This strain is a mix of two crowd pleasers, the indica pinch hitter Blueberry. and the sativa star, Haze. This Blue Dream hybrid strain falls pretty close to 50/50 and you will find variations that fall slightly on the indica dominant side. However, generally these seeds are heavy on the sativa end of the spectrum and are, indeed, a dream. The balanced and potent effects are favored by novice and veteran users alike! Originating in California and known for its medical impact, this strain is noted for its multiple effects on a variety of conditions. However, it is also a growing favorite among recreational users as well. The delicious, sweet, blueberry flavor lingers on the senses even after the smoke has cleared, making this a tasty dose of literal and metaphorical medicine. The energized high sinks into a subdued, but alert, mellow high which makes this an optimal choice for the day-time smoker.

Some slight dizziness and paranoia could come up, but do not worry, while these things are somewhat individual dependent, the reported experience is pretty limited. If you know you have a low THC tolerance, you may want to steer clear! There are lower THC strains with the great berry flavor listed below though, so you do not have to miss out on the tasty smoke!