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blue cookies feminized marijuana seeds

Blue Cookies feminized seeds have an average of 20 to 25% THC levels, which is incredibly high. The high THC levels make the weed the perfect choice for people who can tolerate high potency levels of the cannabinoid. A mix of the THC Indica is enough to give novice users a couch-lock. Hence the strain is only ideal for experienced users.

The aroma of this marijuana strain is also distinct. When you break the buds open, sweet fresh notes fill the air, tempting you to chew the weed. After combusting the buds, a strong skunky smell manifests.

Flowering Time

Blue Cookies strain seeds might not be ideal for commercial or novice growers, given the relatively average yield. When you grow this weed indoors, it yields between 1.1 – 1.5 oz/ft² (350 – 450 g/m²). On the other hand, when you grow this marijuana strain outdoors, you could harvest 16 oz (450 gr) per plant, on average.

Blue Cookies marijuana seeds have one of the lowest CBD levels in the industry, with most buds recording 0% of this cannabinoid.

Given the low sativa levels in Blue Cookies weed, its euphoric effects only come as waves for a short period. Novice users might experience some form of euphoric effects for few minutes.

But just as if you feel like you’re about to blow over and blow the roof off your home, Blue Cookies’ indica side kicks in and brings you back down while keeping your mind happy and uplifted. The indica side can fix a depressed, anxious, or paranoid mood and mellow you out. Blue Cookies is an optimal choice for consumers who suffer from daily pain or insomnia. This strain won’t put you to bed right away, but once the indica effects arrive, you’ll want to melt into the couch or bed and stay there.

When you can’t choose between physical and mental effects, reach for Blue Cookies marijuana seeds . This indica-leaning hybrid delivers on all fronts, delivering sensations to both the brain and body in a well-balanced form. Smokers will first notice a change in their head with subtle pressure building up from behind the eyes. Next, there’s a boost in your energy levels, creativity levels, and all-around brain function. You may feel extra chatty, energetic, and adventurous — like it’s a good time to go on a walk or go to the gym.

Blue Cookies combines mental and physical effects, hitting the brain first and then melting the body into the couch. This indica-leaning hybrid is hard-hitting and powerful.


Keep in mind, though, that this potent strain is not for everyone. Consumers agree that it’s hard-hitting even for the most experienced smokers. Consume responsibly and in moderation. In addition to a well-rounded high, consumers pick up Blue Cookies marijuana seeds for their growing adaptability. You can grow Blue Cookies marijuana plants indoors and outdoors without much trouble. Expect big fan leaves a detectable grape aroma.