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black market marijuana seeds

Many changes have taken place in California since the legalization of marijuana for recreational use on January 1, 2018 (approval of Proposition 65.) This new ‘legal’ market is still evolving, and every month lots of new cannabis firms emerge. A countless number of dispensaries have already opened, offering a wide range of marijuana-based products; but yet marijuana black market sales still greatly exceed those of the legal market.

Big producers cannot compete with small farmers with regards to the quality of the final product; they cannot look after their big-scale crop in the same way that small-scale growers do. In addition, the price of the final product is much higher in legal dispensaries than on the black market.

Small producers’ rejection of Proposition 65

On January 1, 2018, the approval of Proposition 65 in California officially marked the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. However, this has only favoured the big, affluent market players, leaving behind producers with a more limited purchasing power. The high cost of licenses and taxes are not within the reach of small Californian growers that usually work on a smaller scale and with limited resources.

The small Californian farmers created many of the most world-renowned marijuana strains, like the hugely famous OG Kush. These growers greatly contributed to the evolution of the history of marijuana in California, and were also very influential on the U.S. cannabis market as a whole.

Initially the black market was the only marijuana supply line available, and that is why many consumers still favor it and reject the legal market. Marijuana is a product that has evolved socially without any obstacles. Despite all the prohibitionist movements by different governments, nobody has been able to stop or reduce its production, sale, or consumption.

I just mentioned how a lot of legal weed is crappy not just due to boring genetics but because commercial producers bake it in ovens or dehydrators, spray it with too much pest control garbage and other crap, harvest too early or too late, don’t allow enough time or use best methods for drying and curing.

Legalization also hurt the hydroponics supplies, grow shop, and cannabis seeds industries because a percentage of home growers who used to grow their own cannabis are now buying it legally. The drop in wholesale and retail prices caused by legalization (this only happened in some legalized states, not all) harms cannabis growers, grow shops, marijuana seed sellers, and related businesses.

Make Sure Your Product is Properly Processed & Presented

But one thing to know about black market marijuana growers—we’re tough people. After all, we’ve battled police and DEA thugs who use war tactics and snitches. We’ve battled other enemies too, including enemies like spider mites, thrips, root aphids, gray mold, and powdery mildew. The black market marijuana industry isn’t going to let the white market take away the entire marijuana marketplace from us. Here’s how you fight back, stay in the game, and win as a black market grower…

I offer my customers bulk discounts if they buy more than three ounces at a time. I offer them smaller discounts if they guarantee to buy at least an ounce per month. If they refer a new customer to me who becomes a recurring purchaser, I give the referring customer a discount. When they’ve purchased a significant quantity in a specified calendar period, I give them bonus weed or concentrates as a thank-you gift.

Let’s get real–the white market marijuana industry wouldn’t even exist but for the hard work and sacrifices of tens of thousands of home growers who’ve been supplying America with cannabis since the 1960s.