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black marijuana seeds

Remember, just like animals and other living things, cannabis seeds are biologically different from one another (even if they are technically the same strain) and therefore will exhibit different physical characteristics. Don’t let these natural differences fool you into thinking that a larger, rounder, and darker seed (for example) is of better quality than a lighter, smaller, and more oval-shaped one.

Are your seeds light or dark in colour? Are they tough or do they turn to dust when you press them between your fingers? These are just some of the ways to tell if a seed is healthy and worth growing. Keep reading to learn more.

Growing Seeds From A Bag (Bagseed)

Mature cannabis seeds usually have a hard outer shell that can vary in color from very dark (or almost black) to very light grey and may have tiger-like stripes. You should be able to firmly press these seeds between your fingers without damaging them.

The fact that cannabis seeds can vary in appearance has led some growers to think that the size, shape, or color of a seed dictates its quality.

Quality seeds are the key to healthy plants and good harvests. While proper feeding/watering and good light quality obviously also affect the health and yield potential of your plants, starting a grow with top-shelf genetics is equally, if not more important. But how exactly do you tell quality cannabis seeds apart from the rest? In this article, we’ll show you exactly how to spot top-quality cannabis seeds, avoid duds, and start your grow off right.

If you have an indica obsession, you’ll love Black Domina marijuana seeds, the love child of four of the world’s finest indica strains (Northern lights, Ortega, Hash Plant, and Afghani SA).

This notable indica is a powerhouse of stress relief, and can even help you fend of symptoms of depression. Lack of hunger throwing your body out of wack? Black Domina marijuana seeds can help in this arena, too!


Heavily intoxicating with an earthy, peppery flavor that has a hint of pine, Black Domina is the marijuana strain to turn to when you’re after deep, restorative sleep and need relief from pain and stresses. Thanks to its strong indica heritage, this strain will have you calling your bed’s name, so leave it for an evening when you have nothing else scheduled or call it an early night.

Topping out at 18% THC, Black Domina feminized marijuana seeds are not for the faint of heart, and our indica-dominant hybrid will produce a healthy yield of crystal-covered buds after a relatively short flowering period for the intermediate marijuana gardener.

For unrivalled relief from nighttime pain and stress, order Black Domina seeds now!

Grandaddy x Bruce Banner fem is a mix of two heavy hitters that will mess with you in the most extraordinary way. As Grandaddy tucks you in for the night, Banner will start to work on your mind. Expect your brain to flitter through extreme thoughts as you have psychedelic moments of pure pleasure.

We always aim to please at i49, and as such, we want to offer you more options for your brain pleasures. If you like Grandaddy Black Fem, you’re bound to like these.

You will be super stoked about growing this strain once you know what it can help you with. Let’s start with the thing everyone needs some relief from. Stress! After carrying around a heavy load all day you will no doubt need to relax, and Grandaddy Black Fem will help you with that.


Grandaddy Black Fem strain seeds will be a fantastic investment, and after you harvest your buds, you’ll see it was worth the effort. We would advise that you not stop for a puff while you are mid-harvest. If you do, you likely won’t get the job done that day. In fact, unless you have nothing pressing to do, we don’t recommend this for daytime use. We know that sometimes what ails you has to be taken care of at that moment and a hit of your homegrown elixir will do the trick. However, this strain is best used in the evening when you can bliss out. The deep relaxation properties of this strain will pour you into the couch where you will likely stay. Moments of pure euphoria will sweep through your mind as your body turns to jelly.

Good organic soil is what this plant needs to thrive! It doesn’t take to other mediums well, but it will also flourish in a hydroponic setup. If you want to ramp up production, consider a SOG arrangement with a minimum of four plants. This will ensure a 600 g/y2 at harvest time. If you have a grow tent or grow room, you might actually be rolling around in your bud!

This beginner-friendly plant is ideal for new cultivators. It is easy to grow, especially outside. This 95% indica has an 18-23% THC level and because of its high potency, it has a great many uses in the medical world too. It is a great natural healing option for pain sufferers and those who require a powerful de-stressor.

Grandaddy Black Fem strain Is a highly potent experience, even for those stoners who use regularly. Taking a couple of tokes of this strain will drop you into a place of peace. Then you will need to sit somewhere you can stay for a while. You will be so relaxed that the only thing you will be able to operate is your television remote control! Before you light up, gather your snacks and drinks. Don’t forget the remote because you won’t want to get up and look for it after you’ve inhaled this old-timer! Get comfortable and have a good rest because you will be there for a while.