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black jack marijuana seeds

Even though it’s relatively high in THC (ours usually tops out around 19%), Black Jack autoflowering marijuana is great for patients looking to relieve stress, anxiety, and other mental health concerns, including conditions like PTSD. While it can work wonders for treating aches and pains, it’s sedative qualities (thank you indica) make it a wonderful choice before bedtime.

When you gamble with Black Jack autoflowering marijuana seeds you always win – an indica dominant hybrid with 18% THC, you’ll enjoy blissful relaxation after a relatively short flowering period.

Far from sweet, Black Jack autoflowering marijuana has an earthy, woodsy smell with hints of pine, though the taste carries a little citrus which can stick around after you exhale. This is good information to know, since Black Jack prefers an indoor environment. Inside, it will reach a medium height, but needs lots of excellent airflow and space to breathe, not to mention high quality light and a warm, humid climate. Grown indoors, you’re likely to harvest around 400 grams per plant after 50-60 days of flowering.


One thing you’ll notice – and love – about Black Jack autoflowering marijuana is the strain’s dense, compact buds that are just completely covered in sticky resin. Delivering a decent mental high coupled with a full-body relaxation, this indica-dominant strain is beautifully balanced, ideal for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

When you gamble with Black Jack autlfowering marijuana seeds, you never lose – order now!

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Black Jack evolves into a marvellous big roundish marijuana plant with long branches full of big buds overflowing with resin.

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Its flavour and aroma are sweet and intense, with deep notes of incense.