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black dominia fast marijuana seeds

This notable indica is a powerhouse of stress relief, and can even help you fend of symptoms of depression. Lack of hunger throwing your body out of wack? Black Domina marijuana seeds can help in this arena, too!

Heavily intoxicating with an earthy, peppery flavor that has a hint of pine, Black Domina is the marijuana strain to turn to when you’re after deep, restorative sleep and need relief from pain and stresses. Thanks to its strong indica heritage, this strain will have you calling your bed’s name, so leave it for an evening when you have nothing else scheduled or call it an early night.


If you have an indica obsession, you’ll love Black Domina marijuana seeds, the love child of four of the world’s finest indica strains (Northern lights, Ortega, Hash Plant, and Afghani SA).

Topping out at 18% THC, Black Domina feminized marijuana seeds are not for the faint of heart, and our indica-dominant hybrid will produce a healthy yield of crystal-covered buds after a relatively short flowering period for the intermediate marijuana gardener.

For unrivalled relief from nighttime pain and stress, order Black Domina seeds now!

When Black Domina was first developed, the goal was to create a true Hybrid taking the best traits from 4 different parent strains. The key was getting the best yield in a short flowering time without sacrificing strength. The result was a success on every level. THC levels are very solid around 19-22% and yields are equally pleasing averaging 400-500gm2

In vegetaion the leaves are a very dark green colour and are true to the indica heritage being so wide they can appear almost round. As the buds begin to form they also take on the same dark, almost black colouring but are shot through with vivid orange hairs, making her a real looker. The main aroma generated by this strain is the classic skunk sharpness. Earthy and woody scents are also present throughout its life cycle. As full flowering begins to take hold a much more fruity and spiced berry smell develops.

High CBD

If you are looking for a marijuana strain that will help you sleep, relieve aches and pains or you just want to unwind then Black Domina should be high on your list. It is not for new users of those that need to remain active when being enjoyed as the couch lock that it induces is very potent.

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Black Domina is a relatively fast strain for a photoperiod strain, its flowering time is normally 8 weeks. The growth pattern is short and dense with very tight internodal spacing, which lends its well to SOG and SCRoG training. A broad even canopy of the wide very dark green leaves will drink in light indoors, but she is equally happy outdoors in temperate and Mediterranean climates. If grown in a hydroponic setup, once Black Domina is well into the vegetaion phase you can really crank up the PPM levels giving it high doses of feed to really boost yields.

Black Domina cannabis is often used as medication by those who are suffering from stress, insomnia, or who suffer from chronic pain issues. The high is less of a euphoric feeling and more of a completely relaxing and sleepy feeling, so the strain is perfect for use before bed, e.g. later at night when you want to wind down and eventually fall asleep. It offers a comforting feeling of total relaxation, which could also help those suffering from mild depression. Having said that, some users report feeling quite focused from this particular strain as well.

Black Domina has a very strong and potent combination of several different indicas, it is an easy to grow plant that is super resilient and very forgiving to a novice grower. The resulting hybrid indica is not recommended for use during the day, as you may feel too relaxed to get any real work done! For those who suffer from insomnia or difficulty relaxing, late night use of Black Domina is a great choice.

Black Domina Medicinal Benefits

The Indica strain does have some associated side effects, with dry mouth being by far the most commonly reported. Lesser reported side effects include paranoia and dizziness, and some users report a mild headache, or feeling anxious too.

Black Domina strain is a legendary combination of some of the world’s best indicas, resulting in a vigorous and robust hybrid cannabis strain. These feminized Black Domina seeds are quick to flower with a brightly colored crystal hue, making it an incredibly attractive and highly potent plant. A combination of the famous Northern Lights, Hash Plant, Ortega and Afghani SA strains, Black Domina cannabis seeds are ideal for both beginners and experienced growers alike.

When you grow Black Domina seeds you can expect relatively fast flowering plants that produce delicious, sticky buds with incredible aromas. Taking between 7 to 9 weeks to flower, these feminized Black Domina seeds require less maintenance than most cannabis plants, and are also very resistant to pest and diseases.