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black demon og marijuana seeds

Black Demon OG marijuana is a strain with a lovely appearance and has a very uplifting high that often ends in complete relaxation. This strain will flower early and will produce top yields of 650 grams of yield per plant. The aroma is very overpowering and thus it’s one of the best strains to cultivate.

GCormier – September 1, 2020


Dark and Dank But Lifts You Up

The cultivation process takes about 8 to 9 weeks, and it usually produces 650 grams of yield per plant, but if you apply the best growing methods, you can even push the numbers up. In terms of aroma, the Black Demon OG has a lemony and earthy scent. Additionally, the buds possess a potency level that ranges from 17 percent up to 20 percent THC.

W. Lampley – May 5, 2021

Dank and rare, you’ll never find a strain like Black Demon OG. This feminized strain has amazing qualities, all thanks to its very potent parents. It has a high THC content that gives you full-bodied effects and a cerebral zing. And don’t forget, it has amazing colors that warn you how potent this strain is.

She’s a rare cannabis strain that goes with 2 distinct lineages of marijuana heavyweights. She looks so beautiful with those striking colors. She delivers the best kind of high as promised – it’s a stimulating cerebral buzz coupled with full-bodied relaxation.

Additional Information

The Unforgettable Dark Dank

Black Demon OG is one of the must-try rarer dank cannabis strains. She is admirable for having exceptional qualities, thanks to her parents: OG Kush x Black Domina. She is best for recreational use as she contains around 17-20% THC.

Given her genetics, the Black Demon OG goes with the pedigree originating in Purple lineage. Like the OG Kush, she leans to indica. Its contribution, in its fusion, maintains the development structure while enhancing the colors of her foliage and flowers. Likewise, it’s sweetened her taste with a candy-like tone.
Black Demon OG can grow indoors and outdoors and offer decent yields. She takes less time to grow, considering her genetics.