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big bud fast marijuana seeds

These seeds grow and flower in just six to seven weeks with superior characteristics. It produces large, trichome-laden buds. Even with its superiority, it’s a low-maintenance cannabis strain. It’s easy to cultivate, so it’s highly recommended for novice cannabis growers.

Superior But Low-maintenance

Fast flowering, high yielding, and towering THC, Big Bud Fast Version may be the best strain for your needs. It comes with amazing therapeutic properties that will give you full-bodied relaxation. This strain is easy to grow, but it needs an indoor growing space using SOG to boost bud production and bud size.

Additional Information

The Big Bud Fast Version was developed by crossbreeding Big Bud and Secret Hybrid. It’s an Indica-dominant hybrid strain with a 15 to 20 percent THC level, which provides 400 to 450 grams per square meter indoor.

Big Bud Fast Version is powerfully psychoactive with amazing therapeutic effects, producing full-body relaxation. The flavor and aroma are pungent and earthy. It thrives both outdoors and indoors in a warm and dry environment. It produces 750 grams of buds per cannabis plant.

Indoor cultivation is more efficient as compared to outdoor growing because you can control the environmental factors, including humidity and temperature. Also, the use of hydroponics can be combined with the SOG or Sea of Green method to boost its growth rate and massive buds production.

In view of its patronizing features like a massive buds production, a high number of yields, excellent taste and fragrance, profuse production of trichomes, and it even easy to cultivate, no wonder that the Big Bud Fast Version is almost perfect cannabis buds to consider. The Big Bud Fast Version, similar to its name, produces large and trichome buds in a quick-growing period when compared to other cannabis strains. Aside from what mentioned earlier, this Fast Version kind is also adored because of its powerful mind-bending and great medicinal effects.

Undemanding Plant Producing Superior Hybrid

Big Bud Fast Version Feminized Marijuana Seeds is a fast flowering mostly-indica cannabis strain. It is an average-sized plant that will bloom very early at just 6 weeks and will produce heavy yields up to 750 grams per plant outdoors and up to 600 grams per square meter indoors. This is an earthy, pungent, skunk, and spicy-flavored strain.

Additional Information

Such great effects followed by a full-body relaxation feature are just a few excellent traits that it inherits from its lineage Afghani and Northern Lights after such a careful blending process creates a plant that is easy to cultivate with a quicker than usual flowering period that makes it ideal for cultivating by any level growers as well as beginners.

Growing the Big Bud Fast Version only takes within 50 days of flowering time and produces a medium to a high number of yields for at least 400 to 450 grams every square meter indoors. This cannabis plant can produce more yield when raised under an open-air with direct access into the sun that reaches about 750 grams each plant and can grow up to 5 feet tall. Harvesting these Big Bud Fast Versions is not time-consuming and will never give you a hard time while doing it.

Thanks to the fine genetic mix, this strain won’t be afraid of showing its hybrid vigor and can produce up to 500gr/m2 of prime-quality buds; This large-sized variety grows really sturdy, with a solid stem and side branching that give this strain a stocky appearance while still reaching up to 120cm. The tall main stem and long side branches grow multiple flowering sites on the upper part with not too many small fan leaves with a few fingers.

After a couple of hits, you’ll experience a familiar high that’ll take you back to the ’90s. This variety offers a light yet present head high combined with a moderate body buzz that completely relaxes your body and relieves muscle pain.

Big Bud Auto delivers exactly what it was bred to do; Expect large-sized dense and super thick nugs, typical of Indica-dominant strains, with long dark-brown hairs coming out of all the swollen yet small calyxes.

Grow tips

This variety exhibits a good calyx to leaf ratio, meaning that the buds will stay big after trimming and almost all of the trichomes develop on the nugs; An exceptional strain for beginner growers who want to harvest premium buds without much maintenance or any extra effort.

This is a resistant hybrid that doesn’t need extra attention to thrive, just make sure you give it good-quality nutrients in the correct amounts and you will get excellent results either outdoors or indoors. Due to the Indica genes, the buds grow denser than usual so it’s essential you tie the branches slightly so there is enough airflow in between the buds to prevent mold and bugs. This variety doesn’t require a lot of maintenance or anything extra but remember to feed her properly and with good-quality nutrients, this way you guarantee the buds fatten up properly and that your plant doesn’t suffer any kind of nutrient deficiencies.

A perfect effect for those looking to chill on the couch while watching tv, the relaxing effect will have you feeling like you’re laying on a cloud while you kick back and unwind, just remember that this is an Indica-dominant hybrid so make sure you smoke it with caution because smoking in excess will definitely leave you couch-locked and put you to sleep.

You’ll experience a flavor that’s very similar to its aroma but in more detail. This strain offers a pleasant sweet, fruity, and floral terpene mix with a hint of skunk mix that will take over your taste buds on the inhale and, as you exhale, will gradually reveal a more piney and earthy background with the sweet, floral and fruity main flavors still strongly present.