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biddeford maine marijuana seeds

Wondering what feminized weed seeds are? Feminized marijuana seeds have been bred specifically to eliminate the male chromosomes, in order to produce female plants only. Only female marijuana plants produce buds or flowers that can be processed into smokable marijuana and other products. Not only are male plants essentially useless, but if males are allowed to mature and pollinate females, they will produce seeds which results in lower quality usable marijuana buds. Because all of the weed seeds sold by Pacific Seed Bank are fully feminized, you never have to worry about any pesky males popping up in your crop!

Cue the maniacal laugther – Mad Scientist marijuana is a super potent and aromatically pungent strain that delivers bliss and relaxation in equal measure. Easy in the garden, it’s high yields and ease-of-care make it a great option for beginners.

Kahuna is one of those very special strains that appeals to both recreational and medicinal cannabis users alike, providing soothing relaxation alongside a healthy dose of euphoria and creativity.

What are Feminized Weed Seeds?

Granddaddy Purple marijuana seeds are a staple on the west coast. With their grape and berry scent and resin-coated buds, they’re excellent for improving sleep and easing pain

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Durban Poison is the Adderall of the marijuana world. This pure sativa clears the mind while boosting focus, concentration, and all your senses.

Diesel is a fan-favorite for its signature citrus-diesel aroma, big buds, and its happy feeling. Depressed consumers may find relief with this sativa strain.

1- HTG 4ft 2 lamp T5 light with 6400k lamps

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Sticky Leaf Clones

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6- One Gallon Phat Sack fabric pots

16- Numbskull x Ice (teen)
11- Mothertongue (teen)