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best time to plant marijuana seeds in australia

Quicker-flowering strains are dry and curing in the jar by now, and have certainly been rolled into a few spliffs or ripped through a few bongs. Probably still a little bit too much chlorophyll just yet, but still a tasty precursor to fully cured perfection. Remember, curing is important; the molecular structure of the active ingredients of weed changes as it drops moisture to become more psychotropic. Mmmmmm, more psychotropic.

Strains that are tolerant to pathogens like bud and root rot or mildew are more resilient in the wet of the tropical summer. With a solid wetting every afternoon, plants grown in the tropics need to have excellent drainage for happy roots, as well as exposure to generous sunlight to ensure evaporation of excess moisture. This is especially true at flowering time, when being too wet for too long can cause chronic bud rot, no matter how resilient the strain is.

Faster-flowering strains are stacking on the flowers now. Be sure to support branches as flowers get denser and heavier. Resin production is obvious as trichomes start to swell and calyxes fatten up. Aromas are developing nicely and pistils are starting to wither. Pull back on foliar spraying to ensure flavour integrity in the end product. Time to start watching trichomes for colour changes.


Time to harvest the first and germinate the second autoflower crop.

• North
AVG day length: 11:45–12:13
AVG temp: 29°C

In general, September is still too early to guarantee proper germination and early vegetation. It is always tempting to plant early in spring, but in the south of the nation, planting this early can affect final flower production. There won’t be more than 12 hours of light until later in the month. Plants may vegetate well and look great, but the buds can end up fluffy and poorly developed. Unless the grow spot is fully exposed to sun from dawn till dusk, it is better to wait until next month to guarantee good end results.

Earlier-flowering and quicker-maturing strains will be harvested from the middle of April onwards. Longer-maturing strains are at peak flowering with maximum resin production, and are entering their final phase. Telltale trichomes will announce harvest.

You can use seeds that are slightly damaged, and they should still germinate.

Fimming is a similar high stress training method that can improve the yield of resin and flower (bud) in your cannabis plant.

3. Find the Perfect Grow Area

Be careful not to use string, as this will typically dig into the branch and cause damage.

Following germination, the seedling stage takes about two to three weeks, and you need to maintain an air temperature of 77 degrees with proper humidity.

Keep in mind that growing indoors with a hydroponic setup is illegal in Australia without a license.