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best place to buy marijuana seeds uk

Is It Safe to Send Cash?


What’s the Best Marijuana Seed Bank?

When marijuana seeds get caught by customs agents during shipping, the seeds get tossed and that’s it. It doesn’t matter what state you’re in, or your local laws. That is simply the way our laws about customs work. On the flip side, a U.S. sender can get in a lot of trouble by sending seeds from one place to the other within the U.S. (though this is still very, very rare).

Be Patient! In my experience ordering cannabis seeds from overseas, they generally arrive at my house in the US about 1-4 weeks after my initial order. It’s normally pretty quick, but it can take longer. I had a package go missing once, and they sent another. I got the replacement, and then a week later the original one showed up, a full 6 weeks after it was shipped!

Seed supreme bank even has a clinical corner on the website with breeds, particularly for your condition. Do you have a headache, PTSD, or asthma? Seed supreme has a variety for each situation.

These classifications make it simpler to locate the specific seed that you are looking for, without perusing capriciously. If you are as of now mindful of the particular strain that you need, this is extremely useful. Then again, if you are not yet acquainted with the choices, you can likewise utilize the search option to spare a ton of time scanning for your needs.

To have a deep understanding of Seed Banks is necessary before buying the seeds. We gave this seed bank a high rating. It’s the reason we just permit the best seed providers on our website. Seed Supreme is one of them.

9 – London Seed Centre Seed Bank

The payment options of seed supreme are not as extensive and considerable as other seed banks. It is why we needed to minimize their star rating. They genuinely need clients to pay with bitcoin, and this is additionally the most generally utilized payment option on their web store. You can anyway still compensation with cash and debit cards. Since they exceptionally advance paying with bitcoin, they even suggest a few websites where you can pay with bitcoin.


If you are ordering from the UK, at that point, you will get the package in 1 day. If the goal is outside the UK, at that point, it may take as long as three weeks.

The company also doing its research on therapeutic marijuana. They even help different associations in spreading mindfulness about this reason. The website of The Vault Seed Bank is straightforward to navigate. You will see the menu bar with options like Feminized Seeds, Regular Seeds, and Auto-flowering Seeds.