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best medium to start marijuana seeds for dwc

If your seeds still aren’t sprouting and growing properly, consider the following factors.

Paper Towel Method

6.) Take Care of Hydro Seedlings

4.) Prepare Hydro System for Its New Guest

3.) Place Germinated Seed in a Rapid Rooter

When this happens the shell usually falls off on its own as the seedling grows!

Here’s a picture showing several healthy and viable cannabis seeds

Since a DWC setup doesn’t use any growing medium, there is little risk of bugs and other cannabis pests latching on.

Now, let’s take a look at each of these DWC components in more detail:


For growing cannabis in a DWC, you will need these things:

Purple Queen by Royal Queen Seeds is an indica-dominant cultivar that blends the qualities of purple phenotypes of Kush mountain strains. This gorgeous lady loves to show off beautiful colours and rewards you with a deeply relaxing smoke. She has a high tolerance to fertilisers, which makes her very suitable to grow in DWC.

However, if one is still new to growing cannabis, it can be recommended to first grow hydroponically using a substrate like coco. This is because coco can be more forgiving, which allows the grower more room for error. That being said, there are plenty of cultivators who started out with a DWC setup and found success right away.