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best medical marijuana seeds in washington state

With the state one of the first to legalise the plant for medicinal use back in 1998, recreational cannabis legality would follow in 2012, making Washington the first U.S. state to legalize the possession of recreational marijuana, and the 2nd (after California) to authorise sales of the plant for recreational use.

Buying cannabis seeds has never been easier with our selection of recreational and medical cannabis strains like Durban Poison, NYC Diesel and Tangerine Dream available in regular seeds, feminized seeds, and autoflowering marijuana seeds.

Washington Cannabis Law

For medical users, possession limits are higher. All cardholders in the state may possess the following:

However, medical marijuana patients are allowed to grow cannabis at home, but as you would expect, there are some restrictions.

Indeed, for newcomers, our selection of autoflowering feminized marijuana strains (including Blueberry Autoflowering and Kush autoflowering) are ideal for those with little to no cannabis growing experience.

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Always be sure to ask the customer service at the seed bank you’re using if you have any questions, as they’re experts on the seeds they’re offering and will be able to help with questions you have.

How to buy marijuana seeds for sale in Washington? Easy as 1-2-3!

Before you can start growing medical marijuana, you’ll have to get your hands on marijuana seeds. Even if you’re a beginning marijuana grower, starting off with high-quality seeds will ensure that you’re able to easily grow marijuana plants with high yields.

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If you’ve purchased feminized or auto-flowering seeds, some of the seeds won’t germinate. However, there’s a larger percentage of plants that will grow into flowering marijuana plants!

The state of Washington is undoubtedly one of the most prominent destinations around the world for people who are looking to get blazed out of their minds! While cannabis remains illegal throughout the whole USA at a federal level, many states and territories across the nation have taken to decriminalizing and even legalizing cannabis.

Because of the high volume of people who are actually a part of the cannabis community in Washington, the State Department has established a very detailed and extensive set of rules and regulations that people must adhere to when dealing with marijuana in the state.

Washington state decided to ban and prohibit the use and production of all cannabis and hemp within their territory as part of a worldwide trend that was taking place during the 1900s. Because of the adverse effects that marijuana consumption had on people, many countries including the USA were taking precautionary measures against the said substance. Washington, in particular, was one of the states to veto cannabis and all marijuana products at a state-wide level in 1923. Then in 1937, the Marihuana Tax Act effectively banned cannabis at a federal level all across the USA.


Despite the presence of certain local weed dispensaries in the state of Washington, many growers still choose to purchase their marijuana seeds online. This is because online marijuana seed banks provide many benefits to growers, especially to those who are located in areas that do not house any marijuana dispensaries nearby. Now, when buying weed seeds online, growers should always make sure that they are dealing with reputable seed banks. In order to avoid getting scammed into buying inferior and low-quality seeds, growers should make sure to conduct a background check prior to buying from certain marijuana seed banks.