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best marijuana seeds that ship to the us reddit

Seedsman is great, but you have to pay in bitcoin. If you’ve got $$ to spend, check out speakeasy seedbank.

Royal queen seeds is good

Why not just purchase seeds from a US seedbank?

Who can get me seeds in the states under 3-4 weeks? I know "I love growing can get them in 2 weeks, Looking for other options?

took about 9 days to get my seeds. less than 1 month ago.

Here's the situation, I've ordered some seeds from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds and they've gotten lost at JFK twice now. I paid for guaranteed delivery so i'm assuming they'll just keep sending them until the get to me? idk but time is kind of an issue here. i want to get one last grow in before i have to pack everything up and move. I want to try getting seeds from a us seed bank because shipping probably wont take as long as getting them from Europe. I also want to buy them with a visa gift card so i need one that takes CCs. So fellow growers if there are any seed banks that fit this description and that you personally have gotten seeds from please help a brotha out.