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best marijuana seeds reddit

Bloom Seed Co. Oni Seeds Exotic Genetix In House Genetics Thug Pug Genetics Humboldt Seed Co. Rockymountainhigh719 Masonic Seeds Umami Seeds Bodhi Seeds

Stands behind every pack sold. If your not happy they will make it right. All breeders vetted. You won’t get some fake blueberry for some fake breeder you’ll get the real deal from DJ short. Best us seed company period. Use coupon code “Dude” for 10% off.

Do they discreetly ship seeds?

When I was in college. 83 as a frosh. my turf professor. number 3 rated program in the nation. had recently started dna mapping from technology out of forensic science in law enforcement. For seed standardization in seed. There is going to be a huge demand in the cannabis for seed standardisation when it opens up.

Almost every breeder in the US worth their can be ordered from or has a seedbank they have gear with. Some great breeders are

Dude they look expesive.. but as you said authentic..

While there are sort of good recommendations here, people seem to be failing to mention that youre going to want to pheno hunt. One pack of one strain, regardless of the breeder, will likely not yield award winning results.

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I wouldn't worry too much about it, only 4 downvotes. I'm pretty sure someones hate for me accounts for at least 1 of them, so 3 actual downvotes. Not really that bad. I swear reddit inserts downvotes sometimes just for shits and giggles. We have some great responses here though and that's all I care about.

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What else can I say? Buy from Nirvana, you won't regret it!

Order shipped on 11/07 – arrived today 11/14. PostNL tracking info was useless once it left Europe – the mail guy showed up unannounced.

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