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best marijuana seeds for pain

Over the past decade, medicinal marijuana has become hugely popular and is seen as an effective and natural way to manage, alleviate and reduce pain. The rise of CBD in recent years has played a big part in this.

Growing ACDC weed is fairly straightforward. It is best to grow the plant in an indoor environment (greenhouse or indoors). Outdoors, the plant is in fact a bit more difficult to grow.

Does marijuana help with pain?

Most users who have applied Blue Dream to pain remain loyal to her. Indeed, consuming the weed will in no way prevent you from remaining active, friendly and enthusiastic.

Growing the Granddaddy Purple plant is not very complicated because of its predominantly Indica genetics. She is therefore suitable for both beginner and advanced growers who want to grow a pain killing weed.

The weed has a delicious taste reminiscent of grapes and berries. Granddaddy Purple weed is quite potent with up to 23% THC and quickly noticeable. After the first 3 puffs, you will feel a blanket of relaxation and pain will be significantly reduced. The weed will calm you down and make you a little sleepy. Partly because of this, the weed is often used to relieve (chronic) pain.

If your aim is to buy the best marijuana seeds for pain relief, we got them for sale. Learn from this guide which are the best recommendations for relieving pain. The cannabis plant has various types that include Indica, Sativa, and CBD dominant strains. The CBD strains have been shown through lab test to help relieve pain. Cannabidiol is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant that when in high concentrated amounts can reduce pain. We already wrote an in depth guide on high CBD seeds for those who are curious about which are the best strains.

Besides CBD seeds being great for people to grow and use for pain relief, Indica seeds can be a great alternative too. The cannabis community has an overall consensus that Indica strains are more of a body high as opposed to mind. According to a study on Indica vs Sativa strains, it was concluded that CBD and specific terpenes found in these Indica strains were the reason for providing pain relief. Even small doses of the chemical compound Cannabidiol can be effective with terpenes and THC for pain. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the strongest indica strains below. Find this list located in our strongest weed strains list.

Best Indica Seeds For Pain

Professional health professionals have faith in CBD being superior alternative to opiods. There has been a substantial amount of Americans who have died (400,000 since 2002) from opioid addiction. Now there is a study showing CBD can help people with an addiction to opioids. The CBD study showed a curve in stress hormones and urge to take pain killers. The side effects to CBD was nowhere as severe as pain pills. The only side effects from CBD is diarrhea, headache, and tiredness.

GDP seeds – The famous Grand Daddy Purple seeds have a distinct smell of grapes. Smoking this strain will follow with a very heavy sedation. This marijuana strain will provide a reduction in pain and aid with sleep. The origin of this grape smelling and purple weed is from California. Its history is from a breeder name Ken, this strain at once was the most popular in the Bay Area for a while. This strain is known for having the terpenes Myrcene,Caryophyllene, and Pinene.

In fact, Harvard University has a very insightful guide on this cannabis chemical compound known for having many medical healing properties. Visiting their page, your going to read about how CBD has helped with chronic pain, inflammation, and many more health problems. Humans have an endocannabinoid system, and high CBD strains will react to the receptors to reduce pain without any psychoactive effects.

Northern Lights is another Indica strain for pain relief and relaxation. This strain is one of the most popular Indicas. It has won awards and gained global recognition. It gives a couch-lock and almost body-numbing effect.

This strain is one of the most famous in the world. It’s commonly used by patients with pain and also with insomnia and anxiety. White Widow gets its name from its white buds and crystal resin. This strain will help you sleep but will give you a sense of euphoria, so you feel happy as you drift off to sleep.

White Widow is another potent cannabis strain, so it’s not ideal for beginners. But if you want a relaxing cannabis strain that will help you sleep off your aches and pains, this is the strain to try.

6. Harlequin

Afghan Kush is amazing at removing nerve pain. But since it’s a high-CBD Indica strain, it will also put you to sleep. That’s why this strain is ideal for those who want to prefer using medical marijuana before bed or just to unwind in the evening.

But is buying medical marijuana as easy as getting your medical marijuana card in Oklahoma and grabbing the first strain you see? You’ll want to search for different strains of medical marijuana, depending on the condition you have.

White Widow is an Indica-dominant hybrid; Indica strains are more relaxing but Indica hybrids decrease the couch-lock effects.

Cataract Kush is one of the most powerful cannabis strains on this list. It not only offers excellent pain-relieving effects but does so quickly. Since this strain is potent, it’s not recommended for beginners.