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best marijuana seeds for cuttings

This marijuana plant is very resistant to pests and mold, with dense flowers, full of THC, which reaches 18%, and mainly indica, needs about 60-65 days to harvest.

In this case, we put it the first, Jack Herer Feminizada is the best selling seed, from our Grow Shop thanks to the magnificent genetics of this marijuana plant . Its floral flavor combined with a rewarding effect of body relaxation, with a flowering period of 8 to 10 weeks. Production interior is around 650g / m2, with 21% THC.

Indoors, this hybrid 65-35 sativa-indica, flowering time is between 60-70 days.

Piensa En Blue Moonshine x Matanusca Tundra

In PEV Grow, we have made a list of 10 varieties, with very good results in cloning. We have relied on production, percentage of THC or its medicinal effects and flowering time, all of these parameters, the most requested by users of the marijuana plant.

The cloning of cannabis plants is a great advantage for growers as well as ensure a harvest after another with the same characteristics to proceed all plant cloness already known by everyone and that best result has given, like preserve the characteristics of taste grower, genetics, psychoactive effects, etc …

White Widow by Medical Seeds

Moby Dick – Dinafem

Clones also develop a single node, meaning a single branch per node, while cannabis plants from seeds develop two-sided nodes, meaning that they develop twice the number of branches per plant, yielding more than the clones.

Typically, No. Any plant grown from seed will have the genetic makeup of both the male and female parents. If your female clone develops seeds, it has been pollinated by a male. Clone seeds, therefore, will have both the male and female plant’s characteristics. However, the process of selfing can induce a female clone to produce a male flower. The pollen from that flower is used to self-fertilize the female flower on the same plant. The fertilized female flower then produces feminized clone seeds . These seeds will produce identical plants because the clone pollinated itself.

Clones are cuttings from a mature marijuana plant that grow into new identical plants. They are sometimes called “starts.” Since they are exactly the same as their parent plant, they will inherit all of the features and characteristics of that plant. That means, if the parent plant had health issues, the cloned plant would also have problems from the start.

Step by step process on how to clone feminized seeds:

However, the downside is that some clones might produce “hermie plants.” Hermie is another name for hermaphrodite, meaning that the clone will produce both male and female parts. If this happens, do not clone using that mother plant again.

The most challenging aspect of growing from seed – determining the sex of your plants- is remedied by using feminized seeds. These types of seeds are guaranteed to be female and therefore produce sinsemilla weed.

First of all, let’s start with a clarification. You can’t technically clone seeds ; you can clone the plants grown from feminized seeds, and there are very few reasons not to do so. Of course, when you look at clones vs seeds yield , you will find that the yields of a cloned plant will be smaller but, the cloned plant does not lose its potency. It also inherits all the best qualities of its mother plant.

For that reason, clones should come from strong, healthy plants that are free from pests, bacteria, or any noticeable disease. It’s a good idea to learn about its parent plant’s lineage. That way, you know the potential yield, height, and flowering time. You can also ensure you are creating the ideal environment when you know your clone’s strain. When selecting your cutting, inspect the roots. Clones do not have a taproot. They develop secondary roots, which are also known as a fibrous root system. A clone with a well-developed root system is more likely to survive.