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best marijuana seeds canada reddit

Jorden of the isles

yeah they are good. 🙂 Lots of people growing these in Microgrowery. 2$ regulars, 5$ fems 🙂

The ones that stand out to me are:

I think BeanHorders of is another overlooked breeder.

The Ontario Cannabis store currently does not carry seeds or clones. Any good sources in Canada?

i've ordered from there before, had no problems.

ordered their mixed 20 pack. shipped quick. Regular mixed strains, 20 seeds = $40, can't beat that. Trust me, I looked lol.

Found this yesterday – kinda miffed there’s no shops opening nearby

check out

Hey guys the outdoor season is upon us and I'd like to get my 4 legal plants started but I don't want to waste my time ending up with a shitty product (due to seeds being non legit around my neck of the woods and getting males or low quality flower genetics)

Was wondering if anyone has a recommended website for feminized seeds that would grow well in Northern Ontario (I start inside and move outside due to our short season) and produce some nice product.

TrueNorth is a seed bank from Canada. Carries some of the better breeders and bunch of others. Biggest downfall is shipping is a flat rate weather you buy 1 seed or 100.

Thank you very much ! .

Autos can be tricky, not always, but there is less time to correct issues as they are essentially on a death clock, so keep that in mind. Mephisto only does autos and has great genetics. They have a Canadian site you can order from direct(is down right now as they update their payment processor) but can also be found at True North and I’m sure a few other Canadian seed banks.

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