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best marijuana seed starters soil

In order to do this, it is recommended that you purchase the soil pH test kit.

When growing marijuana, there are times when you’re going to need to change the soil.

Alternative: Burpee Natural Organic Premium Growing Mix

PH, in this case, stands for potential of hydrogen. Ultimately it’s a chemical scale that is used to determine the acidity of a substance.

There are also good cannabis ingredients that you need to look out for, and you will probably not find all the elements that you need in your soil mix.

This allows your plants to grow bigger and have more abundant buds and flowers.

• Pythium and Fusarium

Once water enters a seed, it activates special enzymes that trigger the growth of the taproot (the small white root that pops out of seeds when germinated properly). This root starts to push deeper underground in search of more water while the seed sends a shoot up and out of the soil in search of light.

• Pot size


Now that your seedlings are in their soil, the real challenge begins. Cannabis seedlings are extremely fragile; armed with nothing but frail roots and a small set of cotyledons (that first set of small rectangular leaves), minor stressors can take down your seedlings in just a couple of hours. By taking the time to understand your seedlings and their specific needs, however, you’ll automatically know how to optimise their environment and help them grow into strong vegetative plants.

Remember, rapid growth and vibrant green foliage are telltale signs of healthy seedlings.

We’ve all been there; your seedlings look perfectly healthy, then suddenly you find them slumped over the edge of their containers. Within 24 hours (or sometimes less), they’ve shriveled up and died.

One of the functions of a plant’s substrate is to serve as a site for air exchange between the roots and the environment. Smart pots like the RQS Fabric Pothelp your plant’s roots respire by allowing more oxygen to reach them. This translates into faster, more vigorous growth, healthier plants, and a better harvest.