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best marijuana seed starter soil

However, there are various types of soil.

Natural soil comes in three types:

Product Specifications

There are also good cannabis ingredients that you need to look out for, and you will probably not find all the elements that you need in your soil mix.

Ultimately this helps your cannabis grow tall and strong as well.

However, each soil type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Coconut coir fiber seed starters provide a sterile medium that’s free of contaminants, so your new plants won’t have to battle with weeds as soon as they sprout. The seed starters also retain moisture well, ensuring seeds don’t dry out, one of the main reasons seeds fail to grow.

This kit will cost you more money than most of its competitors – but if you can afford the initial outlay, it will be money well spent.

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2. Seed Starter Kit 72 Cell Extra Strength ( Our Top Recommended )

With many species, you will see a much higher success rate if you start the seeds off indoors and then transfer them to your yard when they are ready. For these kinds of seed, you need the best seed starting kit – so here we give you our top picks.

These grow kits have also been slightly redesigned to improve on the original version. The older models had a gap between the bottom of the growing cells and the tray below, meaning you had to fill the tray with quite a lot of water for bottom watering.

This kind of kit is also very inexpensive. You have everything you need to grow up to 50 separate plants.

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