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best marijuana seed sites reddit

edit: I was looking at msnl

Are these websites or reddit user names? Edit: never mind lol answered my own question

Have you ordered from either of them? I'm just worried about the boarder intercepting the package

True North Seed Bank is in Toronto. No international shipping so way less to worry about. Heard good things about them.

Their prices seem steep or is that normal

I've used Seedsman a couple of times, lots of free seeds, a couple of payment options, decent shipping times.

I've made a few purchases from Quality seeds – great service. – lots of good breeders here- good customer service

How are these events? Thatd be cool to go to but it seems a little far to bike haha

There is also the Reliable Bud event this weekend, and there will be seeds and clones available.

Upvotes for Sannies from me!

Purchased: 3x Sour Blueberry seeds from Humboldt Seed Org. 1x Liberty Haze from Barneys Farm, and 1x Purple Haze from G13 Labs – all fem. during their August special.

Delivery was very stealthy and took 1 – 1 1/2 weeks. The first time I bought from them, it took a little longer to arrive, and I contacted them with my concerns. They shipped out another order the same day, and were extremely helpful and polite. I ended up receiving both packages after all.

Ordered August 6th, received August 20th.

Thanks for your participation!

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5 X Sugar Punch Fem 6 X Feminized Assortment (2 ea. Killingfields, Shackzilla and Hericules)