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best marijuana seed genetics reddit

Where are you located?

Yea that's why I need to start now. Lol

Herms are common and winning phenos are hard to find. Seed popping and finding new genetics is a constant commitment. I’ve been popping seeds for years at scale and very few are quality AND commercially viable.

I just got some strawberry’s and cream F2 from exotic genetix!

Expect about a year of R&D before any of those seeds make it to production.

Seed Junky, Sin City, Exotic Genetix are my favorite

Seed junky j beezy got some herms last time i saw parabellum called him out on it is the best place to find a vendor for a particular strain and breeder.

Comment first the bank seed so all users can reply to each comment with their personal experience or advice. That way we all can learn from others' stories and try the best option that suit us.

Seed banks change strains/inventory all the time. I think you are looking for breeder information

I like the idea, but it would be hard to do, there are so many different strains, and different subsections of the same strain, it would be doable to have a stocky for seed banks, but strains are all personal preference and can vary widely from one setup to the next.

As for the "best" strain per breeder, what's best? Highest THC? Biggest yield? Indica/sativa balance? I think best is subjective.

Nirvana. Every seed pops. Awesome all around service. Their GSC is most excellent.

I have grown A TON of different strains over the course of 20 years of growing. The best I have come across are: Jacked Up (TGA Genetics, so potent it's just ridiculous), Whitewalker Kush (GYO by DNA Genetics, superb taste), Conspiracy Kush (TGA Genetics, kushiest smell and taste I've ever seen). Those are the three that I've grown that I would consider the best of the best. I suspect you could pick a strain at random from TGA and you're gonna be REAL happy with the genes. Just be careful to grow them in gentle (heat and brightness of light), humid, blue spectrum conditions for the first month to ensure that you're going to get some females.

What are the best seed companies/where can you purchase them?

I got downvoted to hell last time and people were arguing about it but online is my recommendation. It will be much cheaper and you will have a wide selection . There arent stores with hundreds of strains of seeds here. As far as I know. They have like 6 or 12 strains per store and few have them.

I went with Colorado Seed Inc. The place I went to I also got Crazy Glue and Windu OG seeds from The Clinic/The Bank that looked great.

That's what I did last year but the prices at the show were higher than what I can get them for online. greedy ass breeders selling direct but still charging enormous markup because they know there's a bunch of paranoid growers out there who won't order online. I'm sure there were a few deals to be had but that was my experience on the whole and it left a bad taste in my mouth.

I just listened to an autoflower podcast yesterday! Thinking I wanna go fully organic living soil and autoflower when I start growing. Sounds very low maintenance.