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best marijuana seed for zone 9 florida

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Critical, which also made it into our Top 5 Strains For Colder Climates, is a vigorous and rapid-flowering indica that deserves to be featured in every cannabis ranking that exists. However, crossing Critical with the notorious OG Kush took potency to a whole new level.

Do you plan to grow outdoors this year? Take a look at our top 5 outdoor cannabis strains to grow in 2020. Get ready for fast growth and large yields!

Now that we know what makes a good strain to grow outdoors, it’s time to look at some recommended cultivars. Here are 5 of the best early-finishing outdoor strains to grow in 2020:

Critical Kush

With Fat Banana, the breeders at RQS managed to hybridise the biggest and fattest Banana OG specimens. This Kush strain will seduce you with fruity flavours, and it may lay you flat on your couch with its incredibly potent smoke.

But make no mistake, Speedy Chile is a photoperiod strain that flowers depending on the amount of available light hours per day. One could say that fast flowering strains are the next breeding evolution after autoflowering genetics: These strains produce high THC levels while maintaining an incredibly short total crop time.

Fast flowering so you can beat rainy weather in fall
• Good natural resistance to mould and pests
High yields
• Great potency, aroma, and flavour
Superb effect

Sweet ZZ is our own version of the legendary Zkittlez. With its fruity aroma and succulent flavour, it’s top favourite for all candy-loving cannabis growers.

You mean you actually made it all the way to harvest? Your crop didn’t all rot away during the rainy season? Good job!

Living in one of the most populated states in the country, it can get difficult to find a secret place well away from prying eyes. A good rule is to walk atleast 30 minutes from any well established trails. This gives you some peace of mind in ensuring nobody stumbles upon your grow accidentally. You should also follow common Guerilla techniques. Do not take a straight line to your grow. Do your best not to leave any trails or evidence for other to follow you to the grow site, and as always DO NOT speak of your grow to anyone that doesn’t absolutely need to know about it! You may enlist the help of 1 close friend to help. If word about the grow gets out, you know who to go to.

When to harvest varies from grower to grower. You can carry a pocket microscope out to the plot and check the trichomes for the percentage of clear to cloudy to amber trichomes if you like. What myself and some others prefer to do is just keep a close watch on the plants toward the end of the cycle. The buds will have a "finished" look about them. and look at the buds and sugar leaves in the sun. When they have a golden/amber sparkle about them, it tells you that trichs are turning amber and it is time to harvest. I like to harvest after a couple days w/o rain and late in the afternoon, to ensure the buds are fairly dry and will not start growing mold before you can get home and hang them up to dry.

So you are still around, eh? I guess it’s time to plant!

Now, I’m sure you are wondering what strains to plant. Sativas are better suited to the humid environment. the plants are generally more airy and allow more airflow around the buds to prevent bud rot. They take longer to mature and that works well with our longer growing seasons. Popular Sativas include TGA Subcool Seeds Chernobyl, Jilly Bean, and Vortex or often include the word "haze" in its name.
Whether you plan to start from seeds or clones, it is always best to start the plant indoors and move it outside after it has developed a few sets of nodes. It is a good practice to weather harden your plants before transplanting then outdoors. You can do this by placing the plant outside for a couple hours each day to acclimate the plant to the climate outside. You can actually see and feel a difference in the plant. depending on your soil and location you can now plant your new baby. Carry your plant to the location and depending on pot type, either remove the pot or if it is biodegradable, just set it in the ground. I like to plant the stem until right under the first set of nodes. Then water the plant in thoroughly.

A good soil to bring in is Subcool’s Super Soil. This soil has all of the nutrients a plant needs in order to live a productive and fulfilled life. You need only to water! Recipe can be found here

This can be done many ways. the easiest of course is by lugging heavy jugs to the plot. However, this method can be tiresome and create unwanted trails. It is best to have a nearby water source you can either pump from or carry the water only a short distance, thereby minimizing trails. I will not go into details on this as there are many resources around that already cover it.
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